Cake Question

here in AL, the few weddins i've attended, dont recall any red velvet. infact, its been rather mix bag of what the groom's cake will be. its generally been whatever the groom likes.

cousin of mine's wedding, the grooms cake was strawberry. and for me, the phrase "Strawberry cake" doesnt sound good.. but yet.. it is good. (not to be confused with short-cake!).
East Tennessee is big on red velvet cake. My favorite comes from an old place called Litton's Market in Fountain City...mmm cream cheese frosting.

I'm sooooooooo glad to live here. Anywhere with an unusual abundance of cake is a great place to be!

You probably should never enter a pastry shop here or you might get a shock -- a sugar shock :D
To be clear, everybody, I never said groom's cakes were made of red velvet. Just the one from Steel Magnolias. Most of the ones I've had have been chocolate.

phoenixsac, Austin is a fantastic town. Much cheaper than CA as well. We'd love to have you. :)
Mother is making me a Red Velvet cake for my birthday tomorrow. Perhaps I'll post a picture.
You know, this is making me curious how the cake would look without the buckets of dye. Maybe I'll make one this weekend. I should have the ingredients I need other than the frosting. Hum.
Red velvet is awesome.

In my family tradition, groom's Cakes are always something totally delicious (like Red Velvet), unlike the typical wedding cake eaten, and usually strictly by the men before we go and raid the less delicious sheet cake (often storebought vanilla, and TECHNICALLY reserved for the chicks) that's standing in for the decoration-only wedding cake (which parts of my family theorize isn't actually made of cake).
Baking at altitude is NOT easy. Kudos to her for trying, seriously. My Grandmommy always says the ones that fall apart taste the best AND are calorie free.
MacGuffin, if I wasn't already married I'd marry you right now on the basis of that post alone. :drool:
all that and not a single pic of a rainbow cake? Finalgear you disappoint

WTF is that? It looks like someone's Phish poster attacked your cake!
^^ I am so making one of those... *drools*
this thread is full of win

Also, homemade cakes >>> bought cake.
And also, my wifes homemade cakes make other cakes their little bitch. So there
MacGuffin, if I wasn't already married I'd marry you right now on the basis of that post alone. :drool:

Actually that's pretty much what you see here in any good caf? with a pastry shop included. So on that basis you'd better not come to Germany, or you're in for a divorce in no time :lol:

And I'm surprised nobody commented on the BMW cake yet...