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Can I change the Windows language?


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May 29, 2004
I got my laptop back from the repaircentre in Belgium (or Germany, forgot) but now they installed Windows again, in German. How can I get it back to dutch, or do I have to install it in dutch again??

Thanks in advance.
Is it xp? then you can change the language of the menus and dialog boxes (sp?) in the controlpanel under international and language settings.
Haha what a bunch of fools. I'm afraid there's no easy solution for your problem.
Reinstall it or accept Das Windows in your life. :lol:
Yeah I suspected the worse...but I sold it so the guy who bought it from me should acczept das windows loll.

you can do (or could have done) an update to the same windows version in another language, you won't have to reinstall anything afterwards...
i think you need a Windows XP MUI pack, but im not sure if it works on other languages than English. But you can use a MUI pack to "convert" an english Windows XP into a dutch one... (or french etc etc)
Hmm I'm already installed windows over the German one, I need it ready for tonight, finally, no more problems :D

Thanks for the answers though.

Btw, I don't have internet on the laptop anymore so too much work to get things done on that with downloading and stuff.
Jostyrostelli said:
Why english if there's a dutch (superior) version around? :p
im running a English version for a reason: i like it better and Service Pack (and stuff like that) get released earlier.
Well the mainreason for me was that it installs in Dutch when I install it...and I don't care that much about servicepacks :)