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Canada shrugs off U.S. warning to back off

On the one hand I support Paul Martin on this, since it's the first gutsy thing he has done since coming into office two years ago. On the other hand though, this is just pure electioneering on his part... another thing I don't like about this campaign.

But I guess overall I don't support Martin... what is he even complaining about? Nobody is as critical of the US as I am, but what is he even on about? If he wants to make himself useful he should get on Washington's case with real problems... not throw vague quips just to look cool. Nobody cares about environmental protection Paulo!
there's that darn slippery slope again :lol:

Just a political pissing contest, I don't see why we would bother even caring about thier comments in the first place, and vice versa.
What kind of arguing is this? I'm right so I'm not going to listen to you? Sounds like an answer from Bushy.

The Right Honourable Paul Edgar Philippe Martin said:
That our friends do not like what we say -- well, c'est la vie. I'm going to defend Canada and I'm right on softwood lumber and I'm right on climate change and I won't let anybody tell me that I should not defend my country.