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Canadian Politics


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Nov 27, 2003
Quebec, Canada
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We have a happy bunch of Canadians here, all with different opinions I guess so let's give our ideas / comments on the upcoming Canadian elections :)
Yeah maybe.. but he won't get majority for sure..

Conservators will be close 2nd

Quick fact, if the Conservative wins, it'll be the first time since 36 or so years that the Canadian PM won't be a Quebecer... if it's one of the other 3 major party, the dynasty will keep going..
green party all the way!!


no really martin will get in again
don't your surveys show that the conservative are really close?

I saw one for the whole canada and they were only 8 % behind Liberal.
I can't really make up my mind between the Liberals and the Conservatives. One is bullshitting about increasing health care funding by billions without raising taxes and the other one is talking about reducing taxes without cutting gov't services. I want pension and healthcare reforms though and I think the conservatives will be more eager to accomplish those than the Liberals.

Anyway I am happy as long as the NDP is not in charge.
I honestly think they all have MAJOR faults...

so if i could vote (too young) I'd go with le Bloc Quebecois, they won't win but atleast they'll represent my ideas and interests.
im a die hard liberal, and yes the green party is running in every single constituency for the first time ever
The sponsorship scandal didn't change your POV?

*trying to stay neutral here, I'm only asking you guys questions*
Renesis said:
The sponsorship scandal didn't change your POV?

*trying to stay neutral here, I'm only asking you guys questions*


i'd just rather not vote conservative or ndp

in the end they end up saying a bunch of shit just to get (re)elected and then no one ends up doing it. All of our governments end up having very similar policies, just different names.
Huh? :shock:
some super rich business lady who was apparently linked to bill clinton :?

i think she is inot automotive parts or something.....only saw her when she was being made fun of on "thisshow has 22 minutes"
rencent surveys show we'll have a Conservative governement allied with le Bloc Quebecois but they won't have majority.

a liberal and NDP union wouldn't be enough to win over them
SiR_dude said:
Stronach was CEO or president of Magna. They're an auto parts supplier. Huge empire. And I don't think she's that hot.....compareable to Vicki's level.

i dont think some women are cut out for politics, and shes one of them. did anyone ever hear her speak (read) french?? it was so funny