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I'll be honest. I haven't visited this site in years now, and I also forgot the password of my account so I'm using my fb nstead, but that's not important right now.

I remember when I discovered this site back in '09. It was like being in a candy store. Basically everything what you needed to know about Top Gear was here (and still is). Every TG fan from all over the world was brought to this place, in one way or another. All thanks to one person who made that possible. When I heard the news that he passed away I was very devastated, especially when I wasn't even aware that he was diagnosed with Leukemia for quite some time already. I just wanted to send my deepest condolences to his family and just wanted to express my gratitude to someone who helped to create such an important community through a modest TV car show that we all loved. Thank you :)
Hello, Final Gear.

I wasn't a member of the Final Gear forums until tonight, and I've only discovered them recently (some five years ago) when local car-related websites and Facebook pages went crazy about a bunch of car enthusiasts who took a Zastava 101 to the Nürburgring race track. (I'm from Croatia.) Somehow, with some bad personal circumstances happening during the summer of 2014, I've started reading the forums, and for a long time, I haven't visited any subforums other than the Post Your Car one, because I found those alone inspiring enough for me to somewhat solve some of my personal problems.

I didn't really know who Viper007Bond was for a long time after that, until I started reading other subforums as well. I learned more about who he was when he announced that he was diagnosed with leukaemia, however, I can't exactly remember when that was. Since then, I was hoping he'd win the battle, more so because my grandfather fought with cancer and won his battle. This thread has been a roller-coaster of emotions, and the final news make me sad, however, in a weird way, knowing that he left some legacy and that he will be remembered by many leaves me feeling... I really don't want to chose the wrong words for this, but it makes me feel warm around my heart, knowing that his life has influenced so many people in such a positive manner.

I know it's a bit weird to register onto a forum just to express my condolences, and I've been meaning to register here for quite some time, but I always found reasons to postpone it. Well, not today. I just had to express my feelings somewhere, and I felt it was most appropriate to finally register here and say what I felt a need to say. I'm sorry if I made a wrong move, but I just went with my gut feeling.

I'm not really good with making my thoughts concise, so I'll try keep my post short. Rest in Peace, Alex. You never met me, I never met you, but your forums helped me find myself in this mad world. Reading about people driving interesting cars and their adventures with them kept me entertained in the uneasy times, and it was always fun to get to know more about episodes of Top Gear after watching them. What you've created has certainly helped me.

Also, this post:

I know that all the posts on the "news" and twitter don't help Alex in any way, but if it makes some people realize how short life can be, still worthwhile.

is what kind of inspired me to register tonight and share my feelings. I didn't want to waste my time postponing the day I register here and get in contact with people who have inspired me. More so when you have an actual reason to post. And again, big thanks to Alex for creating this site, I hope your legacy will live on with this site.
...but if it makes some people realize how short life can be, still worthwhile.

The message I choose to take away is that whatever your "17+ Year Dream" is, it's time to get on with it. Preparing for the future is important but don't sacrifice today entirely. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. I'm so glad Alex found and bought his Viper and had years of enjoyment and shenanigans in that car.
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Welcome to the community Tram13.
MWF's heartfelt "Oh Cock" made me burst into tears and wake up my wife.

As someone from the Uk living abroad, finalgear has been a huge part of my life. I used to dive on the torrents as soon as they were released and then wait very impatiently for the download to creep up to 100%. After watching, I'd jump on the forums to give the episode it's marks out of 10.

All made possible by Alex. You gave me and so many others happiness and an online home from home in the forums.

Rest in Peace.
RIP Alex. This was my home away from home for many years. Thanks for creating such a great community and condolences to the family.
Terrible news, but in his way Alex brought more joy to more people than most of us ever will. My thanks to him and all those who supported this forum, including Top Gear itself (a symbiotic relationship if ever there was one...).

My condolences to the family and all who knew and loved Mr. Mills.
Many thanks for what you've done and what a beautiful legacy you have left. As mentioned by many, a humble forum where all of us got sucked in with a common desire to share comments and opinions on all things Top Gear and Fifth Gear related, even making the shows better!
But the main contribution on my personnal life is that by watching the shows and reading and posting comments here improve my English, which helped me a lot in my career. And for that I salute you.
It's been many years since I've actively visited here, let alone posted. Life, work, family all took up a tiny piece of time to a point where visiting this place became a luxury I could not afford.

Hearing this news still hurts like a dagger to the guts. I still remember finding this site whilst searching for any information about this strange motoring show that a uni friend introduced me to. This site became more than just a useful repository for VUK rips, it became a home for people scattered to all corners of the globe sharing a passion for all things motoring. That's what did make it special, whether you owned a GT2RS or a 20 year old Mondeo, everyone was welcomed and celebrated.

Thank you Alex for all that you've done, my world wouldn't have been the same without your enormous contribution.
I just read about Alex’s passing on another major car forum, didn’t know he was battling cancer but then it has been years since I last browsed these forums.

A huge thank you to Alex for building this online car community and a platform for users to upload and distribute Top Gear, Fifth Gear and other UK motoring shows for the fans abroad before streaming became mainstream. If it weren’t for him, Top Gear wouldn’t have the worldwide appeal than it did and we probably wouldn’t have The Grand Tour either.

Last thing, coming back into these forums after many years (under old username Viggen) I still see that the site logo that I helped create back in 04/05 is still being used. Amazing.
I was fortunate enough to call Alex a personal friend. He will always be one of the greatest persons I've ever known... this world did not deserve someone like him. Reading through your many comments and appreciation speaks volumes about his character.

Going through the years of pictures we had together has been hard, but there are so many amazing moments we shared together. I smiled looking back and hope by sharing these moments, others will smile too. Just watching the videos of him and his Viper are comforting.


EDIT: I see Alex changed my user tag line at some point. He has to be laughing at me wherever he is...

Thank you so much for posting that video. It's a wonderful tribute, and I'm still choked up 20 minutes later. I only met Alex in person once, when he came to Europe for Ringmeet and the Mini-Roadtrip that year. Even driving around the Black Forest in Quiky's and his rental diesel E-Class (on winter tires even, iirc), he still had that huge smile on his face the whole time. Your tribute captures that joyfulness beautifully.

I'm not religious or superstitious, but I'm hoping so hard right now that there's some kind of other world where things will go on for Alex.
Fuck cancer, man. ?
I haven't been on Final Gear in years, but when I heard the news about Alex I had to come and share my condolences. He created something truly wonderful that impacted all of us deeply. Jalopnik rightly pointed out that he was instrumental in turning Top Gear from a pokey motoring show to an international TV juggernaut. For him to be taken so young, it's just heartbreaking. All the best to his family, and to his extended family which is all of you guys.
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Like many others (i think) I hadn't been on here in a while, though I had started to come back for Grand Tour WTS recently but I just had to come today and post.

I never thought it was possible for me to get so upset (I will openly admit I had tears in my eyes) and affected by the passing away of someone who I only knew through the internet but Alex's passing away made me realize just how much joy and comfort this site has brought me over the years and specially through some of the most difficult and trying times of my life in the mid 2000s.

Even though I only ever talked to Alex once and I've never really talked to TechZ (I had been coming here for a couple of years already, TechZ or Adnapheul (sp?) or Quicky's ftp was the reason I finally signed up), quicky, mwf, he-he, packetstorm (i think? they had packet in their handle) and some other recurring people on this site (all of who I associate in my head with a collage of their avatar images or with their FTP sites), I always felt like I was part of a very close knitted group of friends and now one of them has been taken away from us.

RIP Alex, wish I had known you better.
Thanks for everything you did.
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