Cancer Sucks

Fuck, hang in there fella.
Ugh I can only imagine how tiring it has to be going through all of that, not to mention the physical issues, but the entire situation just sucks. :-(

As you've been posting updates they've all been a roller coaster to read, and how level headed you've been throughout is a testament to how strong you've been through it. I hope you know we're all here to support you by now, and I can see you've got even more supporting you when you post updates on Facebook.

We're all grateful for the time you still put in here to keep this place going, so you beat this so you can stick around a good long while.

Damn Alex. Cancer really fucking sucks. I'm hoping the liver biopsy goes smoothly and helps determine the next steps for treatment quickly.

If there's anyone who can best it though, it's you. You take the days and the steps one by one - and we're right with ya rooting for you. Keep fighting.
Fuck cancer. Sending you healing, strength, and peaceful thoughts and I hope they figure out how to get every thing under control.
That is heartbreaking news! ? I'll keep thinking of you and wishing you all the best. Is there a risk that you might need another transplant, bone marrow or PBSC or T cells?
Hang in there man! Wishing you the best!
Your positive attitude in spite of the cancer has been inspiring. I hope if I am ever in a similar situation I could hold myself together as half as well as you have done these last two years. Keep up the fight, we are all rooting for you.
It's bad to hear these news, but I agree with all the others: we are rooting for you and you can win it! Stay strong!
The amount of positivity and strength you're maintaining while going through all of this nightmarish scenario is exemplary and beyond what any of the rest of us would be capable of in your shoes. That determination alone I think will help you fight this stupid thing. Please take whatever necessary treatments they prescribe and let us know if there's anything we can do to help. My inbox is always open if you need to chat and just let out. We're all here for you and we ain't goin nowhere and neither are you!
Damn, I missed the latest update. That really sucks :( Don't loose hope and keep on fighting this bastard of a disease!
As some of you have probably seen, there is a new update. I kind of wanted to leave this for Alex to post but it's unfair to talk about it without providing the link for others who might not have seen.

This seemed more appropriate here than on Facebook or Wordpress.

FinalGear has been a big part of my life for just over 13 years now, that's damn near half of my life. It's an incredible community that we've built up over the years, spawned from Viper's work. I'm really thankful that I stumbled across the community all that time ago and was able to get to know him, even having the pleasure of spending a weekend with him at the Ringmeet in 2015. Thanks to him petrolheads who would otherwise probably never have met are regularly travelling the world together and he'll always be there.

Fuck. Cancer.
Matt I couldn't have put those sentiments any more eloquently.

A huge number of us owe Alex a massive "thank you" for the FG Community. I speak from the heart when I say I have made lifelong friends from across the globe and enjoyed trips and experiences that I couldn't have dreamed of 10 years ago. None of that would have happened had I not been searching for an obscure piece of music from a TG episode and stumbled into this place.

Thank You! ?
After 14 years of getting to know awesome people from across the globe (a lot them in person!) I am fully aware my life would have been much more bland without this community. It's part of me, and will be forever.
I would never go to Germany and my first Ringmeet, or take Rebeca with me, or actively try to move there, or meet so many awesome people if this place never existed. It is fair to say this place changed the world, even if a tiny bit.
thank you indeed;
i suck terribly at sensitive words for situations like this and a thank you doesn't do justice to the hours of entertainment you provided for us, but it's the least one can say

i'm an eternal optimist, i keep assuming everything will be okay, and i'll keep doing that...
Hey Alex. I'm so sorry to hear. This is incredibly shitty. :( Fuck cancer, indeed.
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Dear @Viper007Bond,

this is devastating news. :(

I can only fall into line with what the others have already said. FinalGear is an improbably awesome community and opened up my life to completely new experiences. I've met so many people and been to places because of this. And to come to the point, this is all because of you, Alex, because of what you have built out of a site that most of us just wanted to get video links from initially. Thank you for creating this community. You have truely given yourself a worldwide legacy - not many people can say that of themselves.
And I am glad that you had the opportunity to experience this community "live" for yourself not only in the US, but on the other side of the pond as well.

I wish you and your family all the strength in the world for the coming time. Make the best of it.