Cancer Sucks

I definitely want to reiterate what others have said as well, about how grateful I am for the work you, and others, have done to create this community and keep it going. I never bothered with facebook, or twitter, or any other social media site. But I always made a point of visiting finalgear at least a few times day. It's been a great ride and I want to thank you Alex for making it possible.

Alex, I'm also one of those who hardly ever finds the right words in such situations, especially since I have no idea about your true current physical or mental condition.

But maybe this: before a cousin of mine died of lung cancer a couple of years ago, he spent all of his money on a BMW 3-series cabrio and did an epic road trip to visit all his friends and relatives. I wish you have the opportunity to to something similar to celebrate your life.

Yes, cancer sucks. So, try to enjoy the time you have left. That's all I can really think of saying in all honesty.
I could only say "Oh fuck" and "nononononono" when I read it.

This site has been a part of my life for more than a decade now, and it's getting to the point where I remember more of my life with it than without it. I've met some incredible people and it has helped actually be able to interact with them. Something I have a generally hard time doing regardless. And none of it would've been possible because of you Alex. Thank you for everything. I think bone said it better than I could.

i'm an eternal optimist, i keep assuming everything will be okay, and i'll keep doing that...
After 14 years of getting to know awesome people from across the globe (a lot them in person!) I am fully aware my life would have been much more bland without this community. It's part of me, and will be forever.
I would never go to Germany and my first Ringmeet, or take Rebeca with me, or actively try to move there, or meet so many awesome people if this place never existed. It is fair to say this place changed the world, even if a tiny bit.

Agreed. I wouldn't have found as many great people if it weren't for this forum. @Viper007Bond You rock.
Fuck man. Not what I was hoping to see this morning.

Never been good with words, but like many others have said, what you've done for the community is beyond tremendous. 14 years of FinalGear has led to so much personal development and lasting friendships that I don't know where I'd be without it. And its all thanks to you. Running a web forum for car nerds may sound insignificant, but FG was anything but. Having so positively affected this many people is an achievement that's worth being damn proud of.

Sending only the best and strongest positive vibes your way man.
Somewhat speechless right now... To echo so many others, thanks for creating this little community of ours. Stay strong Alex - takes a hell of a lot of courage to have fought as hard as you have been and to face what you're facing right now. Not to sound all cliche and cheesy but you really are an inspirational dude.
If you read this, Alex, I wish you find enough composure to enjoy whatever time you have left. And thanks for very literally changing my life in many ways.

Any of us can go at any time, but we have the privilege of not having to think about it constantly. I literally can't wrap my head around how getting faced with that must feel like...

Always seems to happen to nicest people, doesn't it? So it goes.
Saw your blog post this morning and I have been thinking about what I want to say or type all day. It's 2AM right now and I still can't put my thoughts into the right words.

You have changed the lives of countless thousands of people around the world with that forum post offering Top Gear rips so very long ago. You've brought people from every country on earth together to enjoy something and that is no small feat.

The memories of the last 15+ years are nothing short of incredible and it's definitely changed my life. Though, this isn't goodbye, I'm expecting to see you posting on the forums and blogging for years to come, if anyone can beat the odds, you can.

See you around, V. I'll hit you up 1:1, reply when you can.
I remember once long ago, driving a taxi in Helsinki. This guy was talking about a certain pokey motoring show on BBC and was sad about the fact that they didn't show it on Finnish TV at the time.

I leaned back and told him about this guy, ViperBond007 who shares these rips on the internet. That was like 14 years ago.

Thanks for creating a community. We've had so many adventures thanks to this forum. You're leaving behind a legacy.

I hope you're able to enjoy your last days doing something you love with people you love. (Or barring that, summon the power of Hades and kick the balls off this cancer thing.)

There are no words. It just hurts to think about.

So if we have to accept this, then Alex I want to ask what can we make happen for you with whatever time we have left? I'm sure if there's something you haven't been able to do yet we can find a way to help. I dont think it's a leap to say all of us here would want to help.
Many here have said what has crossed my mind since I heard the news.

I cannot believe how this forum you’ve created has played a massive impact on my life. I lurked for years, took a chance after some esoteric TG news happened and dived in.

I’ve met so many wonderful people here, both on and offline, and several of them have truly become close friends. These people have helped me in ways immeasurable, have been there for several key points in my life, and their guidance and lived experiences have pushed me into directions and helped me grow as a person in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible.

The sense of community that you’ve cultivated over the years has made this one of the best places on the internet. It’s the benchmark that I compare other forums to. None have come quite close to the quality of people here - I’ve personally experienced the sometimes stunning selfless nature of this community, always willing to help.

The resolve and positivity you’ve held throughout this has made a impression on most everyone. I know it has to me. It’s pushed me to get more aggressive about living my own life to the fullest and stop putting off things I want to do for myself because of myriad excuses.

We will miss you, but rest assured, you will not be forgotten.

May you and your family find comfort and peace during this difficult time.
I can only echo what everybody else has said as, I too, am really quite terrible at words.

This site was a large part of my life for several years (and for many others looking at some of the post counts in the tens of thousands!), probably one of the first online communities I actively participated in, and I can only think you massively for creating it.

I wish you the very best and hope you make the most of all the time you have left
I have been away from the forums for quite a while, but then I saw a FB post about this and I felt I should login.

Alex, I'm really sorry to hear this devastating news. You are an awesome guy and what you created here, this community, is something really special. You are an inspiration, and a model for others to follow. FinalGear is and always will be your creation. We all joined in for the ride. As others have already said, words can't accurately describe what you gave all of us.

I thank you with all my heart. I wish you all the best. We will miss you, and we will never forget you!
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I must echo all the sentiments expressed here. Alex, should there be anything you would ask of us, do let us know, whether individually or en masse.
Damn it. I've been keeping from posting in here because I never know what to say in these situations.

I don't think there's anything left to say that hasn't been before. I never would have thought that 12 years ago when I was looking for more of a funny TV car show I stumbled upon, I would have found my new home on the internet and in the process many new people that I would get to call friends or even family.

This place has helped me through the rough times and was here for me to share in the good. It'll always have a special place in my life, even with one fewer brother.

Damn it.
This is heartbreaking. Words feel inadequate, and thank you just isn't enough. The community you've created here is something truly special. Hundreds of friendships around the world, which wouldn't have happened otherwise.

As I said on the Facebook post, whenever there is a gathering of FG members, anywhere in the world, you'll be there with us. That is a hell of a legacy to leave behind.

I hope the doctors are wrong, I hope you're with us for a long time yet. But if not, then I hope you're comfortable, and surrounded by the people you love.
This sucks. I can't write anymore without freezing up...
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