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Cannonball-run stopped in Spain


May 28, 2004
Tesla Model S 75D BMW E39 Wagon
When the Cannonball-gang came to the city of Girona in the Catalonia region nort-east in Spain, police was waiting with tow-trucks and phat tickets.

All in all 71 cars were towed and impounded by "Policia Local" Monday. All drivers were taken in and questioned and tickeded for participating in an "illegal race".

MixtriX said:
serves them right.... stupid rich people with nothing better to do than buy fast cars and race them around europe...

Well, since most of the people arrested weren't racing at the time of arrest. Some were just having a break at the gas station and stuff. That don't seem right, they shoulda stopped and tickeded the people who were actually breaking the speed limit or breaking the law in any other way .. It was highly organized the arrests....don't like the Spanish police though, the Guardia Civil are the worst ..

Ah, didn't realize ;) Sorry,,but it does remind of TG yeah!

the speeding wasn't the main issue, the race was illegal, so they had to do sth. even if it was a giant bbq, if it's illegal, it's gotta be stopped

stupid cops :x
agreed, but was the race really illegal? I mean, the Gumball 3000 isn't an illegal event (as far as I know) among other "rallies" that are direct copies of the Gumball 3000 (which you know is based on the film "The Cannonballrun", sort of ironic that this race where the 71 drivers got caught is named exactly Cannonballrun :))

I think that unlike the Gumball, the Cannonball is actually a timed event.
OK! Kinda like that German rich guy Kims Shmits or something, with his own new race which is also timed (and cams are mounted to the cars...it's been discussed on this forum before)

well im a fan of high speed racing like gumball etc but if these morons continue to go into spain thinking they are above the law then they deserve to be arrested.

it was clear at the last gumball that spain wasnt taking any shit from these high speeders and the lack of respect got them these tickets.

spain is sending a clear no tolerance message that needs to be respected and anyone thinking they are the shit SHOULD be ticketed.

love gumball etc, hate rich idiots trying to be above the law, think they wont get caught.
I'd love to see these guys come to Finland (Gumballers did a quick stint here and the cops have never had such a good pay day before).

One Finn was recently fined 165 000 Euros for doing 80kph on a 40kph zone... he was not too happy :)

the size of the speeding fines is related to your income so rich people with fast cars please come here to pay for my education :lol:
the size of the speeding fines is related to your income so rich people with fast cars please come here to pay for my education

LOL LOL :lol:
A bit more information... this happened just up the road from me.

Only 2 cars were fined 300 Euros for speeding, the organisers say they have been expelled from the event.

The rest, about 50 cars of about 120 in the rally, were fined 900 Euros each for travelling in a "convoy".

It is actually illegal here to do this without a permit.

Of course the police knew they were together because of all the "Cannonball run" stickers all over the cars.

Not all the cars were fast or expensive, though it can be said that the majority were from the UK.
Oeh with that 900 Euros they could pay for my laptop

So all 50 cars stopped for the police? I would just floor it, they can't write all 50 numberplates down :D