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Cannot access site or forum


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Jul 20, 2005
Raheel has IMed asking me to post this on his behalf,

everytime he tries to view the site or the forum he keeps getting the following error message:


Obviously not everyone is having this problem, but if anyone could give ideas as to how he might remedy this issue, please post

what if he tries forum.finalgear.com?

i never go to the front page, could been off line for years, wouldn't know it ;)
bihus said:
DNS problems, because of the server move?
That's what I think.

I had to access and modify my hosts file to get back in after the move.

Jostyrostelli said:
Good idea. :firefox:
^^ Last time that didn't work for me either...

Since when is it? Maybe his ISP doesn't do it that often or something...
Treewalk would work, tho I've been told it's not easy, simple to run. It's not hard, just not simple :p
he told me to add this:

" i have finally managed to open FG main site but none of the graphics load + i still get the same error when i try to enter the forums"

and here's a pic of what he is seeing:

Hmm, has he tried Treewalk yet? In any case has he changed any settings on his firewall, that's if he has a software based one. I know I turned on some ad blocking feature on, on ZoneAlarm Pro and it made the forum a bit screwy, tho not to that extent... :)
He's tried Treewalk - it didn't work.

I've just told him to try resetting his router - says he'll be back shortly.
Start -> Run -> NOTEPAD

(in notepad, if windows XP)
File -> Open
(in notepad, if Windows 2000)
File -> open

At the very end of the file, add the following lines: www.finalgear.com forum.finalgear.com finalgear.com

Then File -> Save

Then it should work. In a week or so, repeat this and delete those added lines.
American Idiot said:
he's asking if there is there anyway of adding FG ip on the DNS file in windows?

c'mon guy THINK!!!

That's exactly what I told him to do, did you even bother reading my post? :roll:
At last I return ! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

The hosts file was marked read only and the end line said something about spybot editing the last parag.

Thanks a lot to all u guys for helping out and all the people who kept in touch with me on MSN :D