Canon 20D + lenses for sale

Steve Levin

Master of Disaster
Jun 7, 2006
Sunnyvale, California
Spec Racer Ford!
I thought I'd toss this out... I have just not been using this camera, and, well, racing is consuming money at a prodigious pace.

Canon 20D
10-22mm EF-S USM
17-85mm EF-S USM IS
28-135mm EF IS (USM? I forget)
75-300 EF (the bottom line one, cheap, but so I had a "big" lens handy)
Speedlite 580 flash

1 spare battery (maybe and another spare that's on its way out)

battery charger
one big bag (that'll take everything ++)
one smaller bag that'll take the body, two lenses and maybe the flash

boxes for most everything if you want

I don't really want to piecemeal sell it...but I'd love to get money with four digits to the left of the decimal point.

I'm in Sunnyvale, CA.