Yes I know that an it's a flavour enhancer but I always stick it in curries or whatever when I make em an if I actually have any, or the stuff to make it. But to me it really does just bring out the flavour of the hot spices an everything else. I can't do hot just for the sake of having it hot to torture other folk but I like my hot food to be tasty an smell awesome too.

It lives! I was amazed when I saw this 2 days ago. Didn't think that damn thing would grow that fast.

The pack doesn't say what variety of chilis they are, which is a pity.
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You guys very likely know it already, but it's important to keep them somewhere sunny. My container stands in my bedroom window which gets all of the 'morning sun', which usually is incredibly warm.
i should take pics of my chiles, only aji cristal, spanish red, some unknown habanero type chili and yellow pointed habanero growing but they are doing fine...
I think my plant is dead/dying... one of the leaves is folded in on itself and is a sickly yellow, but the other one is fine...
I was worried about my bhut jolokias the other night... we had a ridiculously late light freeze 2 nights ago, but they appear to be fine.
I've put the pot outside where it will get most of the day's sun and covered it with cardboard (so it'll just be warm and not in direct sunlight) in a last ditch effort. If that doesn't make the seeds germinate, nothing will. :(
I was worried about my bhut jolokias the other night... we had a ridiculously late light freeze 2 nights ago, but they appear to be fine.

I think I started mine too early, since the temps haven't exactly been ideal. No, it hasn't been outside at all but it probably didn't help.

this was the situation 2 weeks ago...
luckily my camera broke. so i cant take pics of my almost 20cm long chilis with healthy amout of leaves.

It's growing! :D

(I had just watered it a few minutes before)
I waited too long and now it?s too cold... :|
Mum suggested to move the whole thing into a proper pot with much bigger area for the roots to develop.

The whole thing looked really limp the first days after it had been moved over, but a week after they look great. :)

I absolutely need home grown chilis for my next curry. It is the promise of a lifetime !! *nice guy pose*
looking good ahpadt, chilis are quite weird that the bigger the pot, the more you get. It my take a while for the roots to "fill" the new pot but the results after the change are great.

And deathrazor, yes chilis tend to be easy to overwater (also depends on the variety), especially after they have grow their first real leaves. Germing phase and when they are in seed leaf phase they tend to need frequent watering (its more dangerous to let them dry too much). I have also learned this the hard way. Yellow leaves was the result at first and in normal plants yellow leaves means malnutrition or dryness. In chilis it can be the opposite quite easily (depends on the variety and soil)

Next batch shall be better!
I was taught the other day to let the soil go quite dry, then take the "inner pot" out (it needs to have holes in it) and just keep watering it untill it starts leaking from the bottom. Seems to be working well.
Basically means I only have to water it once a week or so.

If it's gonna need a bigger pot then I can't have it in my window sill any more... :p