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Car manufacturers stand firm


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Dec 7, 2003
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The five major car manufacturers involved in F1 (BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Honda, Renault, Toyota) and seven teams (BAR, McLaren, Minardi, Renault, Sauber, Toyota, Williams) met todya in Germany where they entered into a binding agreement to race together only in a series which 'satisfies the fundamental principles of a clear and equitable World Championship.'

A statement issued after the meeting read, "All teams not party to this agreement are encouraged to participate in a constructive process to form the premier motor sport series. Whilst the group remains open and willing to discuss with the current commercial rights holder and the FIA on the future of Grand Prix motor racing beyond 2007, the current uncertainty leaves them with no option other than to progress preparatory work for the new series."

Although the team principals and manufacturers agreed that some progress was made in the recent meetings, they considered it was not sufficient to delay the preparations for the new series.

The statement added, "As a result, International Sports & Entertainment AG (iSe), the company that was appointed October 2004 as an operating partner for the alliance of teams and manufacturers, will advance strategic and commercial negotiations with key parties."

I sure hope so...
High stakes game of bluff - good on the manufacturers for pushing ahead, if nothing else it reinforces to the FIA and Mosley how serious they are. My ideal would be to have F1 stay together, but the FIA needs to relent and give the manfacturers and teams what they're demanding.

TBH I'd very suprised if the split did happen - both parties know that would be bad for F1, so either the FIA or the manufacturers will buckle, here's hoping the FIA backs down (which they should - but with Mosley in charge who knows what mighth happen...)
Now that I see my remark, I feel I need to enlighten it.
I sure hope so that the manufacturers stay together, and that major changes happen within the FIA (read: Mosley out, or mentally treated). I don't think a different series would be that great, but the possibility of it must make pressure on the big wigs.