Car page coverage on Top Gear Wiki

How should I make car pages on the Top Gear Wiki?

  • Multiple pages for one car name (i.e. each generation has its own page)

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  • One page for one car name, multiple pages for trim levels (i.e. Golf GTI, VR6, R32)

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  • Multiple pages for one car name, multiple pages for trim levels (i.e. Golf GTI Mk1, Golf GTI Mk2)

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Mar 30, 2019
So I recently became the Bureaucrat of the Top Gear Wiki, and boy did I inherit a neglected dumpster fire of a resource that barely had any actual content. Over the past few weeks I've added every episode from S1 to S9, all of the Clarkson home videos, and over 20 different issues of the magazine, alongside quite the hefty facelift of the UI and a boatload of templates, but I'm presently at a loss on how to handle car pages, and after a week only 2 people have weighed in. I'd like to hear what FG has to say, since at the moment all I've done is car pages for those where only one generation/trim level has appeared.

The first option basically gives one page to each car nameplate, so for the Corvette, the page would be named "Chevrolet Corvette", have "C1", "C2" etc. denoting separate sections, then "ZR1", "Z06" etc. as sub-sections. The second option gives a page to each generation, with the trim levels included in each, the third separates the trim levels off from the main article (so the C4 ZR1, C6 ZR1 and C7 ZR1 would all appear on one page), and the fourth separates everything (so the C4 ZR1 would have its own page from the C7 ZR1).

On top of your votes, I'd like to hear your thoughts so I can get on with the bulk of the car pages as soon as possible without wondering what to do next.