Car vs Car

Pontiac Vibe. There's something about these oddballs made by Pontiac, based on other manufacturers' platforms, that appeals to me.

Toyota CavalierSaturn SW2

Now, picture this. You were going on vacation to the destination of your will, but for some reason, you ended up boarding the wrong plane, and ended up in Japan. You realize the mistake way too late, stranded in Japan as thanks to a new variant of Covid, all flights to your place have been cancelled. You somehow manage to book a hotel, but it's in a completely desolate village, as thanks to the Covid situation, all other places have been taken.

You're now forced to live in Japan for a couple of weeks. You live on a diet of tofu and fish, as you spent all your money on the said hotel, but in order to get to your hotel, you need transportation. All the public transportation is either cancelled or too expensive, and your only option is to buy a car.

Your hopes to find a decent, running Japanese car are all gone because you're left with very little money, and very few used car dealerships even speak English. However, after walking for many miles, you find this little place in outskirts of Tokyo, ran by an American gentleman who goes by the name of Rick Hamilton. All he has left, and that's in your budget, is these two GM attempts of selling cars in Japan. Which do you pick? :p

*me slaps roof of the Toyota Cavalier, a window visor falls off onto the ground*

"You can fit so much terrible build quality in this bad boy" :ROFLMAO:
Easy peasy lemon squeezy. The Volvo 850. Kinda wanted one ever since a child, as my grandma's neighbor had a dark green wagon.

80s French mild hatch that isn't Peugeot 205 XS edition:

Citroën AX SportRenault 5 GTE

Since I have no practical experience with French cars, I'll have to go on looks alone. Which goes to the Renault 5.

1964 American Luxury Showdown

1964 Cadillac Coupe de Ville1964 Lincoln Continental
With my choice being the Continental just because it had an appearance in The Matrix let's revive this thread since it just struck me that there are two very different cars with the same moniker:

Citroen XMBMW XM
That's not even a question, the Citroën of course.

Now up: Small European retro cars.

I always thought of the Mini as a more complete product. Besides, the 'new' Fiat 500 never appealed to me.

British supercars of the 90s:

Jaguar XJ220McLaren F1