What a nice Jetta/Bora. :)
Shame to see that because it's my favourite generation of A4, especially in RS Avant form. Arguably an old-fashioned design now with those rubbing strips but I still like it, same way I still like the Volvo V50.

Sorry. Not A4, I meant Lupo.
Seen today:

"Cannon caliber matters"

"A car sits on its wheels", taken literally

They do it again. VW has a knack for making cars look good when slammed.
I used to think that you can't do wrong when it comes to styling old Volkswagens, but I'm not sure if my opinion extends to modern ones.

I really hope those bolts through the frunk lid are fake. They won't be, but it makes me feel better to pretend that they are.
Not my picture (if it was, I would not have called it C6-Corvette-Z06b.jpg)

"Image not available"