Seen today: Comeback of THAT spoiler! :poop:
You would think that early 2000s "addon-tuning" cars like this one would be extinct by today, but no!


But the # is in portuguese :unsure:
For sale on FB:

Seller's Description​

This is a stretched Nissan Leaf. We're not the first owner. I was told by the previous owner that they bought three of these and had them stretched for a promotion of some kind. We absolutely have loved the looks we get when driving this vehicle, and the large amount of interior space has been quite handy. It has tv screens on the backs of the front headrests, and blue mood lighting inside. We just don't use it much anymore, now that we got another Tesla. Due to the stretch modifications and extra weight, it has lower estimated range. It has eight bars on the original battery. We only charge to 80%, as reflected in the picture., and we don't fast-charge it (it has CHAdeMO). Runs and drives great. There is some paint coming off along the roof where they extended it, and that should be redone. We're near Oakland, but we have a car trailer and can deliver it within a few hundred miles for $1 per mile. No rush to sell. Like all Leafs of this vintage, it is definitely better around town than on long trips. The battery life is way better than average for this year, but eight of 12 bars means it is likely down to 2/3 of its original maximum, or roughly 54 miles. For a serious buyer, we can charge it to 100% to confirm it actual range, if you like. 54 mile range is not stellar, but better than most Leafs of this vintage (that aren't even stretched). It only recently dropped from 9 to 8 bars, if that matters.