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carbon tvr


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May 26, 2004
hong kong


would be sleeker with out gt win. still not bad looking
Maybe you should know what 'rice' means before you use it :)

Personally i wouldn't do that to a Tuscan though.
i really like it.... it gives the car a purposeful racing look with out a bunch of crap vents and fins

I find it really good looking
I'm found of the use of carbon fiber and this one is well made :woot:

like the rims to even if it's 19 or 20 inches ....
:) I quite like it. For a tuning, it has a lot of quality and it doesn't look overdone. I probably wouldn't do it myself but the guy had the guts to do it and achieved a nice car without that usual toy car looks.

I agree. I think I like it aswell...though I can't figure out why. Maybe its just the beautiful TVR showing through that is catching my eye. Who knows.
TVR's.. you gotta love them... tuned or not.. I think that looks like a GT race car.. must look like a devil on the roads.
lose the wing and it's beautiful, esp in black, it hides some of it's uglyness