Carpics of mine

Carpics of mine

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I think I'll leave that for you to try :p
you surely have 100 times the talent i do .... just stay away from crappy PS work ... it kinda ruined the BMW images .. other than that good job :)
.... man you're immature ....

sure ... just don't expect me (or others) to take take you serious at any time ...

where's the I hate you option?

the pics of the Rex are awesome! 8) :p I want them in better res too!
Jason: I've asked you like two or three times about you car. I'll try again: what does you car do from 0-60 mph?

Is it tuned any, or stock?

How much in US$ did you pay, and which year is it??

i am tuning it again. coz the last tuner guy was cock. it aint stock i sent over 100,000 on it in hkd;s

i am guessin its about 4.5 or 4
coz i do have about 500 or 450hp so yeah. and its on radials i tihnk i am using some falken tires right now. cheap and good lookin low profile

after my last tune up suspension, computer and stiffing and a new exhasut system and maybe carbon hood. i will proabbaly get it all in one go to save $$$ shipping.

i bought it for about....198,000 HKD and its one of the last ones out for 33 coz its got a differnet front bumper and nismo light kit with red interior

red interior as in the linning
old ones have blue

and i have xexon lights

quite beefed up now i would post pics but i think my country cant get on imageshack.**

i cant get on it at my workplace either.
didn't see your replies sorry ..

nice beefed up car you have I must say :!:

Skylines aren't common here so I don't see them very often ...

thanks, i would post pics if u find me a damm site to load up pics lol. i cnat even play guess the car coz i can fucking see it! damm imageshack!
LOL sorry ... I can just imagine ... :mrgreen:

I don't know of any other sites either ....

good luck with that though!

jasonchiu said:
god knows, its a thread i dont take much serious here to be honest.

Why not take a guy who presents his work seriously? Grow up. Hanasand presents his work to us, and wants our opinion, if thats not serious enough there is something i dont understand. Is it all about that cat? :p Are you telling me you never had a real nice dog before? :lol:

Oh, and that was a joke. :wink: