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Cars for those without a Valentine's date

Screw valentine's day. I'd rather spend it in a car driving like I stole it since it never complains to me :)
who the fuck needs a day to comemorate love. oh right, corny people and those commercial prix
Valentines day is rubbish. I don't have a girlfriend, but when I get one I hope she dislikes it aswell. It's just a bloody way for the big co-operations to make money. I mean, when couples celebrate their 6month annevercary and so on, who needs valentines day? Stupid.
Valentine's Day sucks, so glad I don't have a girl right now. Hate corporate days like that.

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You guys are great. I said that on one forum (canadian only) and almost had my head chopped off.

Love the international flavour here. Corporate holidays/days are the fucking worst.

jasonchui: Yes I'd rather be with my car than a girl. Speaking of which, I'd rather be one with my music videos than anybody else. :lol:
jasonchiu said:
kinda sad if u rather be with a car than a girl you know...
None of the girls I know are more worthy of my time than my car.
I think we are making jasonchui go insane...:lmao: 8)
Maybe his Skyline is rubbish, and he doesn't drive it for pure pleasure. :ph34r:

In that case I understand him. :lol:
Hmm, my Girlfriend is pretty pissed because I didn't even see her today... But WTF, we saw each other for half the day yesterday... Been to Austria on a romantic weekend for our first anniversary 3 weeks ago... Am I supposed to do that romance crap all over again???

Man, evertime I thought, I would understand them... :lol: :lol: :lol:


See and a car won't complain if you spend half the day with it...:lol:
stupid valentine's day! and stupid women too! :lol:

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Mischief007 said:

See and a car won't complain if you spend half the day with it...:lol:

But it might brake down and empty your bank account :lol:

....and i'm with jason on this one :unsure: