Cars that were better than you expected

It ain't as awesome as it was in 3.

nah gt2 escudo was the best one.. once you got that thing you auto won everything it entered. the gt3 escudo dident handle to well and the gt4 escudo handles worse than the veyron.
the server took a shit, hence the double post.

uh anyways.

daihatsu midget 2. best drifting truck out there!
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The narrow power band is a bummer, though. :(

The gearbox is pretty well tuned to the power band of the engine though. Also, the back end gets very light and twitchy under braking. Still an awesome car.
Just took another car around the ring' that surprised the heck out of me. The MR-S V Edition.

I had a friend in high school that owned a regular MR2, I think his was a 2002 or 2003. I always thought it was ugly, extremely cramped, and extremely slow. At the time I was driving a Mazda B2600i 6MT that I felt was just as quick as my friend's MR2. He had the sequential gearbox as well. He also had a lot of problems with that gearbox too. It was slow to respond and sometimes it didn't even respond at all. I knew it was just his car as Best Motoring did a Tsukuba battle with an MR2 and had the same exact problems with the sequential gearbox as well, which I think caused the car to come in last place for that battle.

As you can see, I was expecting the car in the game to be just as bad as my friend's car, and I was dead wrong. I only took it around the right once and was able to post a time of 8:48. That is pretty freaking fast for a car with only 140hp. The car absolutely loved the corners, and the MR layout gives it great balance. This car feels like an NSX that is missing 140hp. Now I wish my friend still owned that car as I would probably call him up and bug him to let me drive it. I never got a chance to drive it back in HS.
I thought I had finally found a replacement for the mighty econobox SRT-4... alas that was not the case, but not far behind.
The Mazda 6 MPS (I forget the Japanese name, starts with A)
1971 Mustang.

That car, when fully upgraded is retardedly fast. And it handles pretty good too. My friend and I managed to beat the Supercars seasonal challenge with his. What a fun car.
I adore the RE-Amemiya GT300 RX-7 (Asparadrink or something) Sounds pretty accurate, handles very well, and is just fun to drive. Not much power. I love to set up an online room, set the track to the Nurburgring, time to 5:30AM, and just cruise around a dawn-lit ring.
My 240 GLT Estate that I've prepared for drifting. It holds on to the slide perfectly, and to describe it in one word - it's epic.

When talking about stock, I think Autozam AZ-1 deserves to be mentioned. I thought it was going to be slow and boring, but it just can't keep itself straight in the corners and that's what I love about it so much.
I thought I had finally found a replacement for the mighty econobox SRT-4... alas that was not the case, but not far behind.
The Mazda 6 MPS (I forget the Japanese name, starts with A)


I just bought the '69 Corvette convertible for the World Classic seasonals, and surprisingly even on comfort soft tires it doesn't get itself out of shape. Completely destroyed the event. I expected it to be difficult without some handling improvements.
BMW M5 with race exhaust. :drool: Drives very nicely.
Corvette Z06 I expected to be good, turned out great.

Just remembered, haven't played for a few months. Maybe tonight I shall return.
I was really surprised by the Ruf CTR2. In completely stock form on Sports Hard tires, I was expecting it to be extremely tailhappy. Instead it was very planted, and took the turns extremely well with near infinite grip. And it doesn't sound half bad either.


That was almost exactly what I was going to say, that's one of my favorite cars to drive. I love how well it takes S turns and you just floor it as soon as the back lines up and goes with out spinning out, and it definitely drives better stock than with mods and more power.
I didn't expect the F430 to be as good as it really is.

The Lotus 111R is also tremendous.
Had some fun tonight with an R34 at the Nurburgring. GT5 has a good sense of "I'm driving in a car", and the R34 in cockpit view really has a a good presence.

Then my night was ruined when I tried the Superveloce. What a piece of crap. It can't brake and it can barely turn, and it's go too much power for the amount (lack) of grip it has. It just doesn't work at all at a lot of tracks because of super extended braking zones and an inability to turn once you get done with that! Considering how good the LP560 was, I refuse to believe Lamborghini would fuck up that much on the SV.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who has serious trouble with the SV. I can only really enjoy it with sports soft tires or better. On the stock sports hards you spend more time braking than accelerating and it understeers quite a bit.