Cars that were better than you expected

I was doing the AMG Challenge and I didn't really expect it to handle as well as it did! The power was quite decent too considering it was only a 4 speed. My '69 Camaro SS on the other hand is a total disappointment. It handles like a pig and I just don't enjoy driving it. Is it just me or does the engine sound more like an old straight 6? Are there any upgrades that can make the car a bit better to drive?
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Unless it skids like a lunatic, slicks should do the trick. You can also try adjusting the camber a little bit, as well as the toe-in. Rarely anything more than that is needed.
The Ferrari 512 bb. I had just won a couple of races and had a decent amount of money and thought 'screw it, I'm buying a ferrari'. Turns out I could only afford one so I bought it. And wow it is just so nice to drive, I'm not sure what it does or how it does it but in a corner it's just sublime. Not to mention I was beating Countachs' and other classic cars.
I will always remember it as my first Ferrari.
I gave the Lexus LFA a really good go the other day and I was quite surprised. It actually reasonably sounds like the real thing. Handling isn't too bad either.

I just wish it had the "beep beep" shift indicator.
I've been impressed with the Mugen S2000....I've switched to using it for drifting instead of the Nissan Sileighty actually (not that it's helped a whole lot as drifting really isn't my thing, lol).
A tuned M5 is capable of some decent drifts. I recently bought a 240z and I love the way it sounds and handles, but I'm still disappointed by the fact that its a standard car. Why is it that I can install either a 5 or 6 speed close ratio gearbox on it?