Cars you are ashamed to like publically (or that no one else likes)


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Jul 13, 2011
Pacific Rim
HMCS Velvet Glove; The Last Samurai
Basically, anything that Rick likes that you find yourself agreeing with. :p

For me? Chevrolet SSR. I know it's bloated, I know the interior is awful, and I know the early models were under-powered and auto, but the last few years it was available it had a 390 hp LS2 and a six speed stick. I still want one.

Fiat 147
I can't justify why I want one.

The last-generation Firebird.

The second-generation Chrysler Concorde.

Hey, it was the 90s.
That Firebird is seriously cool.
That "nose" is kinda stupid but I think it fits the car.
The Neon is probably best represented by the ACR version.




The Fiat Tempra must have four-spoke wheels:


Best colour for a Toyota Paseo:


The Nissan Primera needs body addenda, but this spoiler is a bit much:


Like the Neon, the Volvo V40 got worse when they made it better:


You get the picture. :p
Did you enter that contest yet?
I still gotta get to American Apparel and get some leopardskin tights. :wicked:
I have to agree with the Panamera. I would love to have one some day, but I know I'm too damn practical to buy a car that fancy. It gets a lot of shit for the styling, but it makes perfect sense and it is one of the few sedans made to fit a 6'4" passenger in the back.

I'm not sure what other cars I like would qualify for this list, I wasn't even thinking that the Panamera would make the cut because by every measure other than looks it is a good car. Since looks are subjective, I wasn't sure that counted.
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Yeah, the Le Mans of this generation should not be all that appealing, but there is something about it that just works. I had a Malibu of the same generation and it drove really well. The real treat would be to find a Grand Am from this era. They were fairly rare to begin with, must be all but unobtanium by now.