Cars you are ashamed to like publically (or that no one else likes)

I would totally rock a King Cobra II

Its funny, but even Ford wants nothing to do with it. At all the official Mustang events I've been to, its either skipped or very briefly mentioned in the history section. Even at the official 50th anniversary party at Ford WHQ, only 1 or 2 IIs were displayed.[/QUOTE]

Something tells me the same feelings are felt for the Bronco II. Which by the way, I secretly like even though I know the engine is made of explodium.


And the Explorer Sport Trac Adrenaline.

And the last generation Oldsmobile Toronado. Mostly because of the radio/climate control system. :)

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1971 Buick Riviera:


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What exactly were they trying to achieve with that point styling?
That is awesome. Nothing to be ashamed of. I would completely love a GS Rivera.
That reminds me... I like the X-Type wagon. (Don't kill me Spectre :p)


Never been in one, never driven in one, but I like the concept of a wagon with that style Jag front end.

Get in one and/or drive one and you won't like the idea any more. :p

This is the correct answer to that question:
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From this angle... that rear hatch... looks... :puke:

Now that's a cool display. Modern cars barely cram that much on a screen. I can't agree that the rear end design is good though, I feel sick. :p
I'm not ashamed to confess I like crappy cars. Like my signature proves.
The V40? Why not?

It had all the classic problems that Mitusbishis have in the US, only it cost more to fix and parts cost more since you had to get them at the Volvo house - we didn't get the Carisma, just the S/V40. Minor to catastrophic electrical issues were the primary problems, followed by engine failure and transmission failure. The only classic Mitsu problem it didn't have was fire coming out of random parts.

Much as with the X-Type, the Carisma-S/V40 sold reasonably well (for the parent brand) for the first couple years in the US - 'Yay, cheap Volvo!' seemed to be the reaction, just as the reaction to the X-Type had been, 'Yay, cheap Jaguar!' Just like the X-Type, it turned out to be a horrible POS in North American use and is a large contributor to the current dire straits the parent brand finds itself in. Both burned way too many people.
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Ah yes, thanks for the reminder about mid-90s GM coupes:

Neither of which you should be ashamed. Both look so great.
The S40/V40's problems here are/were rampant rust and electrical problems, which is par for the course for every Dutch-built Volvo up until then. Doesn't keep me from wanting a yellow one with fake wood and a good old 1.9 T4 engine.