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Aug 23, 2022
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Earlier today I saw the "what is your dreamcar" thread, but I don't really have a dreamcar. I do however have a (continuously changing) list in my head of cars I would like/love to have owned at some point. Some for no other reason than "just because". I know many (car)people have a list like that, so I thought I'd start a "cars you want to have owned" thread.
With the huge amount of threads and forums there might already be a thread like this that I overlooked, but so be it :LOL:.

Since it is your own list, there are no rules. The cars can be as expensive, cheap, old, new, rare, dime a dozen, plain, special, ... as you want. Most cars on my list aren't all that crazy, but yours can be as crazy as you like.

I'll start with my (current) list, in no specific order of "desire". As I said, the list in my head changes constantly and it's all over the place. Some of them are more realistic/likely I'll ever own one (in running and driving condition:ROFLMAO:) than others but I would say there are not many really crazy cars on my list.

- Land Rover 101 forward control
- Land Rover Series I
- Land Rover 88 lightweight
- Suzuki LJ80
- Volvo 850 T5R estate
- Volvo C70 MK1 convertible
- Renault 4
- Renault 5 (one of the "sporty" versions)
- Ford Focus RS MK2
- Ford Capri (MK1, MK2 or MK3, don't really care)
- Lancia Delta Integrale

And now I'm curious about your lists, which will probably only add cars to the list in my :LOL:.
I wish I had had a motorcycle back when I lived out in the boonies. No way I would feel comfortable here in the urban environment nor the highways around here.

Other than that...I've had a Jeep Wrangler, an SUV, a pickup, an EV, sedans, a coupe, a hatchback and a liftback, American, German and Japanese cars, 4, 6 and 8 cyl...I don't feel like I'm missing anything other than a luxury sedan or a powerful "grand tourer" coupe. The SUV and hatchbacks are close enough to a wagon, so I'm good on that front. I've rented a "performance" sports car, utility vans, and HD trucks.

Honestly? I think I'm good, outside of that "dream car" idea. I don't look back and think, "ooh, I wish I had one of those in its heyday!" aside from *maybe* the Mercury Marauder.
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Mercedes E63 AMG Kombi
BMW M5 Touring
Audi RS6 kombi with V10
Dodge Viper of any generation
VW Golf R32
VW Passat W8
VW Scirocco, the last generation
VW Toureg with v10 Diesel
Fiat Panda First gen
Ford Focus RS with the Volvo 5 cylinder
Porsche 911 or boxster after 2005ish
Lada 1500
Lada Niva
Tatra 603-2
Volvo V90
MG GT with the mustang 4.6L v8
Some VAG product with best power to weight ratio with the 1.9 diesel and a 6 speed manual.
Oh there's quite a list. Specific cars that often drift into my thoughts:

Fiat X1/9
Fiat Coupe
Land Rover Stage 1 V8
Range Rover L322 5.0 V8 or TDV8
BMW E28 528i or M5
Porsche 924/944
A Tesla motored Land Rover
Triumph TR6
Triumph GT6

Oh, and...
Alfa Romeo Montreal
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In alphabetical order:

Alfa Romeo 105 Series Spider/Coupe/Giulia or Berlina
Alfa Romeo 2000/2600 Touring Spider
Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
Alfa Romeo Montreal
Alfa Romeo SZ
BMW Z3 or Z4
Citroen CX
Corvette C2/C3/C4/C5 or C6
Ferrari 456GT
Ferrari Testarossa/512TR
Jaguar XJR X300/308
Jaguar XKR
Lancia Delta Integrale 16V or Evo
Lexus LC500
Maserati GranTurismo or GranCabrio
Maserati Quattroporte V
Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 3rd Gen
Saab 99 Turbo
Tatra 87
Tatra 603
Tatra 613

If I ever sell the 900, I'll be replacing it with one of the more affordable cars from this list.
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Realistic-ish list if I can ever get a decent job:
- Porsche Cayenne (second-gen, with tow package, maybe with roof tent, preferably in Mahogany Metallic)
- 964-generation manual Porsche 911 in Guards Red (gotta match the 'lump)
- Can I please Lemons race a Dacia Sandero? I want a race-Dacia, haha. Something we didn't get here, with a roll cage, thrown into a Lemons race to chase a second Index of Effluency.

A weirdo like a Zündapp Janus or Amphicar would be awesome, too. Maybe another 944, like a nicer one for spec racing? Or a Taycan? I'd poop my pants for a Tatra, but I think they're probably out of my price range. Then again, the Lane Museum's too-basket-case-for-us for-sale page has Tatras occasionally. That's my kind of hopeless case. A hopeless Tatra and a hopeless ninjacoco truly deserve each other.
Anyway, definitely cars like the Alfa Romeo 156, BMW E39, Mercedes W124 and W201, things like that. All of them are still available cheap and it's still a decent time to go pick one up in reasonable nick for a short time, then give up. My W202 approach (buy the shittiest possible, break it, sell the catalytic converter and junk the car) seems good (y)
I've been looking at 2000-2010 hot(-ish) hatches (I'm tired of old junk and a want something fun) and while looking around I think I'm going to add the Mini Cooper S R53 to my want to have owned list. Just the ridiculous idea of a supercharged 1.6 engine in a Mini somehow triggers me.