Cars you'd like to see in Series 18

I'd like to see Mk VI or the Scirocco R too. Maybe even a comparison.
I'd like full reviews of all the latest cars in Series 18. I'd like in-depth reviews in a variety of scenarios, and I'd like them to then do the cool wall in several episodes to establish their coolness. Or am I just wishing for the impossible now? <_<

But only in some kind of on-road vs. match-up, really.
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Two words: kia carens/rondo

Kidding, kidding...:p
Now THAT is a sexy Morgan! :D Yes, please!
Two words: kia carens/rondo

Kidding, kidding...:p

Actually, I'd love to see Jeremy and James revisit 05x09 to see how much the Koreans and Malaysians have improved in the last eight years. 17x03 shows that they're willing to do features like that again, and they seem to have an affection for the See Apostrophe Dee that they never had for the Lacetti, so now might be a good time for a follow-up.
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Oh dear you've reminded me of the 2-3 conclusive minutes of that test... Has me in tears just thinking about it.
"We started out with 27 cars or something ... We've narrowed it down to one ... And we don't like it."
I'd like to see Hamster show the new Morgan Eva GT


I hope those are available very soon. And I hope I scoop a Lotto win soon enough to order one.
Besotted with that Morgan as well. However, it does look a bit girly, especially with those headlamps.
Oh dear, been a while since the last time I've been demotivationalized...
Especially as it's coming from his Galantness!
That won't do <_<
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Yeah, I know, but the 3.0 TDI comes with 313 hp and 650 Nm of torque. RS6 on a budget? Damn right.
Such a shame that they are so anti-diesel otherwise that could make a really interesting piece. Especially if done by May on real roads.