Cars you'd like to see in Series 18

the hot audi A1 would be interesting
Electric Delorian, A6/A8, an original Shelby Cobra, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, Golf R, Koenigsegg Agera, Fisker karma, and the 991 C2s
get them in three 10 year old city cars (about 50 mpg) and challenge them to modify the cars to get 100 mpg with a 3000 pound budget. james converts his car to diesel, jeremy to a hybrid and hammond sheds weight of his car, makes it streamlined and fits it with narrow wheels. at the end there's a hot lap test with the stig to see who's got the fastest car and they fill the score sheet in. they really get serious and try this time, no screwing around.
One thing's for sure, they're spoiled for new cars.
If the show's sustenance depended on the availability of new autos to test then we wouldn't even be worrying ^^

I'd also like to see the Grand Cherokee 2011... To see if it's actually improved.
Oh, and please. No more electric crap. Just hydrogen when available.
Mk3 Ford Focus? Or maybe wait for the RS. Also the Golf R.

EDIT: Screw it, hold off until 2013/14, Mk3 Focus RS vs Golf R.
I wanna see the new 5-door ST.

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Scirocco R
Golf R
Golf GTI
new Astra VXR
definetly the Alfa 4C
Audi TT RS
Audi A3 RS
Audi A1
new Pagani (I've given up trying to spell its silly name)
Ultimate Aero
and that insane.. Hennessey Venom.


Basically an elongated Exige/Elise with a V8 implanted. Jay Leno has a cool test-drive video of it on his website.

Camaro ZL1, though it'd be better if they save it for Series 19, when they can compare it head to head with the latest GT500 (the 200 mph one).

Ideally, they'd do it as part of a cross N. America (west-to-east) roadtrip. It'd be perfect... the mountains of BC (home!) and western Alberta, followed by the badlands and flatflands of northern mid-west USA, head to the factory in Michigan where they build the Mustang, then back into Canada via Ontario so they can visit the factory where the Camaro is built (Oshawa), and continue east through Ontario, Quebec, the maritimes, and finish in Newfoundland, just in time for them to take these cars and compete in the Targa Newfoundland (hey, I can dream, can't I?)
Ultimate Aero

It's been 4 1/2 years since they mentioned it in a news segment. I hate to sound like a bitch here, but keep dreaming. I don't think it's going to happen.
It's hope that dies last ... as we say in my country... :D

Granted: The biggest problem would probably be that they couldn't take it up to top speed. I seriously doubt that Ultimate have their own version of Ehra-Lessin ready for TG to drive around on ...

(...) why hasn't TG tested this!?!?!? We know they love the GTI!

Which they haven't tested either - only had it in the studio to introduce the BMW 1M of all cars :rolleyes: ...

I also don't recall seeing the new Renault M?gane Sport - which (performance-wise) is supposed to be one of the very best current hot hatches. Since the new Astra VXR is due this year anyway, I wish they'd re-do their hot-hatch comparison from season .. errr .. 6 ? M?gane Sport vs. Astra VXR vs. Golf GTI. Although considering engine power/drivetrain, the Scirocco R would prolly be a better fit against the other two.