Cars you'd like to see in Series 19

Is it your intent to get on the bad side of everyone who idolizes Carroll Shelby?

If that was your goal, you've achieved it.

Ah, come on. Aren't you being a bit too sensitive. That was a rather funny reference to this

I would say that even without the reference, the joke still stands.
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I think Aston Martin One-77 is not good.Or I don't like Aston Martin.It is undeniable that its craft is very good.But it is not comfortable to drive.Perhaps, Aston Martin engineers too that from the lap time of the Nurburgring the north ring track.However,Aston Martin isn't comfortbale and not fast.
Focus ST
Ford Mustang Boss Laguna Seca vs. M3
Ferrari F12

I don't want to see anything from Lexus.
I wish we could see another tractor episode.