Cazzo! We escaped the swiss and survived italy - 2019 Swisstaly Roadtrip photo/video thread

I'm a little pressed for hardware atm. My back up CPU cooler can't handle rendering videos. As soon as I get a 240 AIO on it again, I'll start with day 7 of last year. >_>
Day -1 was the transit day from Frankfurt to our first stop in Austria. You can either watch or ignore as it’s not that exciting. There’s some music for the time being, We’ll see how long that lasts. :)

Other videos have no music so it should be fine.
Ah, so you guys approached from behind. No wonder we didn't see you, I thought I was just not paying attention.

No day -1 videos from me but here are my day 0 videos:

Ok, let's finish this chronological photos thing. Last post of the series: Day 7 (and bonus Day 8 aka transit to Ringmeet).

As mentioned in my Day 6 post, I went to bed that night not having any idea what I'd do the following morning. As I got up, that hasn't really changed. The weather stayed crap, and most people have decided on skipping Stelvio and going straight to our last overnight stay in Germany via one route or the other. I was thinking the same thing as I packed up my stuff and got in the car...


Until I spontaneously decided "fuck it, we've come this far, let's do this" and joined the small group actually heading to Stelvio :)

On the bottom of the pass, we were met with fog and wetness and general unpleasantness. However, climbing higher up the conditions slowly improved. And I guess the weather has caused many others to skip Stelvio that day as well, as there was very little traffic.



The small group that made it all the way.

As Mikko already mentioned in his post, that picture was literally the high point of the day. From there on, the day progressively got worse:

  • Umbrail was closed, forcing us to take a rather long southbound detour before actually heading back north
  • Horrible traffic heading up Foscagno back into Livigno
  • Mixed weather and various amount of traffic preventing any fun for the rest of the day


We briefly entertained the thought of meeting a part of the other group in Liechtenstein, but after getting reports of bad traffic there as well we decided to skip it. Instead we briefly stopped at a Supercharger in Maienfeld:


And after another couple hours of transit, at what I thought was a supermarket (but turned out to be a hardware and garden store) near Matzingen:


A couple hours later still, we finally arrived at the German border. The wrong-hand-drive BMW was promptly stopped, and we lined up to wait at a petrol station just past a corner. Eventually we figured that Peter might have different navigation than us and not even drive by that way to see us when he eventually got through. At that point I decided that I'm not a U.S. marine and will leave a man behind, and in best Top Gear spirit got up and left. Oh the joy of wide empty German Landstraßen after sitting in Swiss traffic for most of the day... very soon I arrived to this sight:


As well as some great Schnitzel and very interesting rooms.

At this point the "official" part of the Swisstaly Roadtrip ended. Day 8 was a highway transit to Ringmeet. Despite that, @DaHitch and @IceBone decided to spice it up with one last bit of nice driving up the B500, and I ultimately joined them for that.


After driving all the way up the B500 and joining the highway, we made a short break at the day's first Supercharger.


After that (and a detour via France for some reason) our small convoy eventually broke up, as I pulled over some 200km later for a very short recharger at a yet another Supercharger near Mainz. That was almost full and I didn't need much charge to make my next waypoint anyway, so I left after not even 10 minutes, and headed for an Ionity charging station not far from the Nürburgring and the day's ultimate destination to test out just how fast the Model 3 will actually charge when given a big enough supply. Turns out, plenty fast:



While it charged, I had some lunch and a chance to talk to a couple older gentlemen very interested in these new "white thingies with cables on them". Apparently the Ionity setup isn't seeing much use yet. I ensured them it will change soon, and having topped up the car all the way to 90%, left for the Ringmeet campsite.


The rest doesn't technically belong in this thread anymore, but I'll finish off with two more pictures. First, the overall consumption after the Roadtrip and Ringmeet weekend:


This actually positively surprised me. To give some context to the number: lifetime consumption of this car sits at 191 Wh/km, and driving on the highway it can easily reach 200-210 for a single drive, higher still if I go above ~130-140 for a while. During the roadtrip itself the counter stayed below 170, and only after the Day 8 highway blast north and some test driving and 'Ring lapping shenaningans did it climb to the above pictured 180.

Also, 'Ring lapping: it happened, and it was fun! Track mode does really make the car feel quite different. Also, one lap consumes about ~20% charge :)


This concludes my photographic coverage. Stay tuned for drone videos - I've finally figured out a workflow for 4K60 editing on my machine that doesn't make me want to murder people... now to actually do some editing.
It's been a couple of days, so here are my day 1 videos. :)

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Day two videos:

Day 1 stuffs.

That morning some of us got up early to have espresso and some bread in a nice little Italian town. @D-Fence making fun of me for almost scraping the the rental roof.

@ninjacoco with a little road rage.

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Day 3 videos!

Since you sods aren't posting anything else, here's day 5! ?

I could patch up clips, and post full pass videos. But even I find them boring, so I'm not sure how many would be interested. :mrgreen:

I'll try to make some overtaking compilations , so there's some action at least
Videos of whole passes could certainly be boring, let me know if mine are when you've watched them through because I haven't yet. ?

Didn't see the point in chopping them up myself and I wouldn't know what to keep anyway.
Day 3 from my perspective, I will be updating this post for Day 3 things as my awesome IP has only 2Mb upload...

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Here we go with some dynamic riding, then. First clip is days -1 and 0. Only met up with rest of the crew late in the afternoon of the second day, due to the bearing issue. This is evident on the video, as I start passing more familiar cars.. :mrgreen:

Days 1 and 2, with familiar group of cars appearing several times.. :p

While this is much less exciting than any of the videos I’ve posted yet, I thought I’d share this. I had gotten separated from the group as I continued the “follow any FG car no matter what” despite the overnight stop being two separate groups, one in the mountains and the other lakeside. I was in team lakeside and I followed team mountain. After realizing that, I punched in the address to the airBnB, hopped on the highway for as much as possible and then drove part of the length of the lake into Ghiffa. Beautiful place this. Also to note, that day I was getting agitated and I’ve learned how bad I am when in groups. This was a nice quiet drive to help ease some of the frustrations that had been building up. It wasn’t a complete cure, but it did help.

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Not much (interesting enough to post) overtaking took place during day 3, so have a look at the old Simplon pass only @Peter3hg and I dared to explore. Quite a few intersections were a bit confusing, but the route and scenery were still great.

And then something I had been waiting for two years, since I last got to experience this bit several times.. As a passenger. I was alone on this route, as others had decided to keep to the main road leading to the lake after leaving the supermarket in Domodossola.

Despite route difference you can actually see in @Matt2000 timelapse video, that we still arrived within seconds of each other.
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Day 4 wasn't much driving other than to the helicopter museum. So we're skipping right to Day 5 when we left Ghiffa and drove into the mountains again. Here's the morning as we ascend.


It seems I exported in 720p, sorry! I am exporting now and will upload the 1080 version when it's ready.


Bask in 1080p glorious-ness!
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Yay you got that road! I forgot to turn the GoPro on. ?

You gave me a kick to get my day 6 videos published, must've been a month since I uploaded them. Will post them here in couple of days.
Yay you got that road! I forgot to turn the GoPro on. ?

You gave me a kick to get my day 6 videos published, must've been a month since I uploaded them. Will post them here in couple of days.

As boring as the dashcam video can be, I am enjoying having almost everything documented. I forgot to turn on the camera on the day @dfence bought the Italian childrens music disk and we listened to it all the way to the ferry, mostly I wanted to hear people's reactions as I blocked that out mostly.
Yay you got that road! I forgot to turn the GoPro on. ?

I can provide an idiots view to uphill run as well (as the downhill from day 3 is in the thread already), if you're interested... :mrgreen:

For now there's at least this great example of how I can be seduced by my gear. A Slight change of tone, if I end up even touching the power range.

Trying my best to export new stuff to be uploaded, but luck hasn't been on my side.