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Celebrities in 2005 TG Season

Celebrities in 2005 TG Season

  • Rowan Atkinson

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  • Britney Spears

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  • David Coulthard

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  • David Beckham

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Mar 21, 2005
Carrickmacross, Ireland
BMW E46 318 CI
The 2005 Top Gear series will be starting soon (I think). Which celebrity would you like to see most?
Jodie Kidd again :thumbsup:
I would like to see Owen on the show, but Rowan will be more funny and intresting on the show.
I wna see Britney... I love what JC asks the women and just to see how crap they drive :lol: ... but I doubt she would come on as she's prob. think shes too good for the show.
Give it a few more years and when TG gets more popular, she'll beg to be on the show :lol:
Mr. Bean would be cool 8)
I voted for Brick-knee (for a good perve of course!), but I wouldn't mind seeing Coulthard give it a go and see what time he can get.

Mr Bean (with the mini) would be just too damn funny, I bet he'd still manage to run that three wheel car thing off the track somehow too.
Mr. Bean. Let's see if he really knows how to drive. :)
Like Xzibit can drive..he can only drive Hummers with 30inch spinners....come on :mrgreen:

Mr. Bean has a more impressive garage..

www.rowanatkinson.org said:
Cars no less eye-catching than the vast Mercedes have included an Aston Martin Vantage Zagato and a rather more sedate Bentley Mulsanne. Mr Atkinson was fined and banned for two weeks after being clocked at 114mph in the Aston: ''That had a very sobering effect and slowed me down significantly. Not being permitted to drive for just a few days was an awful punishment that made me realise how much I need to get behind the wheel of a car.''

Wanting to be in something pleasant and comfortable while sitting in traffic was as good a reason as any for buying the Bentley. It is remembered as ''a great car'' that clocked about 27,000 miles in 18 months before making way for one of the first of the new Aston Martin Virages. Although not by nature a wheeler and dealer, Mr Atkinson had visions of selling it for a big profit. But he accepts, philosophically, that demand for such cars has changed quite dramatically.

''Luckily, in a sense, the Virage's value has dropped so much in the last three months that parting with it would be pointless. It's a slightly odd car. Most people would describe it as too big, soft and heavy - and it is all of those things. But the compromise between soft and harsh, performance and quietness, adds up to a 'me' feeling.

''My day-to-day car is the 16- valve Lancia Integrale, which I love. Four-wheel drive and anti- lock brakes make it the perfect winter car. The Stratos is a 1975 model. Although not the most discreet of cars, I don't feel embarrassed when people look at it. In a Ferrari, I would feel a self-conscious shiver. This may be because the Stratos was built to go like stink on forest roads, in world championship rallies, rather than to be posed in on the Promenade des Anglais.''

The way in which cars change a driver's character is examined in The Driven Man: ''Why do the most quiet, even-tempered people become wild animals at the drop of the spanner? The fact that it happens to me never ceases to amaze me. The amount of stress and conflict involved in driving is incredible.

''Being such a car enthusiast hasn't blinded me to alternatives. Since learning to ride for the first Blackadder series, I can see myself having a whale of a time if the horse were still the means of transport. The idea of travelling by chariot exerts a powerful appeal.''
There's a video somewhere of Britney Spears trying to back up her Mercedes and she's yelling at the paparazzi, "You guys are 'gonna make me fuck up my car!"
I'd go for Britney, mainly for the eye candy (she's so damned hot - I simply can't resist :D). I wouldn't really like to see Mr Atkinson out of character tbh.
Mr. Bean... I would love to see him do a lap... I'm fairly convinced he would make it to the Top5 or something...

Max Cooper organizes the Gumball.

I'd like to see an F1 driver as a star sometime. See what they could do with the Liana.