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CGT Replica

looks like an american car, cheaply made.

looks like an Elise from the side. Its not even the production version too, that is a replica of the 2001 concept, lol.

how lame :roll:
justin syder said:
looks like an american car, cheaply made.

HAH!! It has happened, the american has finally got it :lol: :lol:

i always said we made cheap cars but the last straw was seeing the pics of the Ford GT's key compared to the C GT and the enzo's.

now i hate ALL american cars.
of course, its a great car but i cant look at it the same anymore after seeing that toyota key. :roll:

a great car tarnished, IMO, by a stupid typical american cheap key.
Oke the key is stupid but it doesn't ruin the WHOLE car...If I ever get a chance to see it in real life I couldn't care less if it has a nice key or not :wink: :D
i guess, but its just frustrating that they made a great car but didnt put effort in somthing like a key.

its still a great car but goes to show you that american auto manufactures have ALOT to learn before they can be at the level of Euro manufactures.

Ford GT kicks ass, the key should be shoved up Ford's ass. it might not look cheap with shit over it. :wink: :lol:
American carmanufacturers are never going to be at the level of European carmanufacturers, simply because of the different need for cars. American cars need to be big and won't have to be economical because of low gasprices...
In Europe it is the other way round, here aerodynamics play a bigger role in designing and the car has to be economical because one litre of gas costs about ?1,40...

Two different continents so two different approaches to cars...

I hope i'm not being too serious about your post :wink: :mrgreen:
its very realistic.

that's just the way both continents do things.
The descriptions says it is powered by a GM 2.8L V6 - based on that my guess is it was built on a Fiero. :shock:

I believe the late 80s Fiero's had 2.8L V6s in them, and I know for fact that the GM 2.8L is a horrible engine. My old 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlas (big old man car) had a GM 2.8L F1 V6 - which I belive is identical to the engines used in the Fiero - and there is absolutely nothing nice about that engine. It's extremely prone to breaking down, it's a huge pain in the ass to work on (and would be even more difficult in the cramped Fiero) and most of all, it's not fast at all.

I wouldn't give that guy $5 for that car. :roll:
Fiero's are horrible, horrible cars.
They're small and light - thats about the only thing they have going for them. :roll: Other than that, they're typical Pontiac rust buckets with little to no performance.