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Mr. Nice

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Dec 6, 2007
Here's a new spin on an old idea. This will go nowhere, but I thought that I'd share it anyway.

Holley Motorette to Bradford, Pennsylvania.

While there, the trio could go around and see how much isn't left of what was Bradford in its heyday and also stop by places like the Zippo/Case Museum, American Refining Group (which now occupies what was originally the Kendall Motor Oil Refinery), the various mansions that are still standing, GlenDorn (which occupies the spot that was the Nusbaum Chemical Co., a company that began in Titusville, Pennsylvania with the start of the oil boom... Once well-known Bradford resident and shop owner, Al Nusbaum, a son of the man who was responsible for the company's name, flew a P-47 in the European theater during WWII), what is left of what was the Pennzoil building (originally the Dresser office building), and the locations where the Holley's built their vehicles. Dresser Home

While there, they could also visit nearby Warren, Pennsylvania, which has some of its own unique history involving oil and gas, and industry.
Something else that I should have included.