Challenge suggestions for TGA


Jun 24, 2008
Oops, it's a bike: Honda Hornet 900
Fastest car across Lake Eyre ? without an engine.
Mods allowed:
? Lightening
? No engine(s) allowed: combustion engines & electric engines.
? Must be based on a production car.

Race across the longest stretch of straight road in Australia ? in reverse. Standard rules : production car etc?..

Semi-trailer pull challenge. Up a hill, with front wheel drive production cars.

Compete in Targa Tasmania.

Econo taxi drive in a captial city. Various cars under $2000. Points for added passenger comfort/features etc.

Best ?drag? car under $2000. Points for a good time as well as flambuoyance/spectical & technical innovations.

Best FWD hotrod under $2000

Best conversion of a car into a bus (under $2K ?) .
Or Best conversion of a car into an ambulance?

Complete in Gymkhana, with converted $2K production cars.


Dec 24, 2006
Brisbane Australia
'93 Triton Tray Back 2WD
I'd love to see a 1 tonner challenge. Each host is given a 1 tonner truck/ute(for under 2000) and they gotta load up 800KG's onto it and complete challenges like, hill climb, reversing, parking, race, quickest unload. 1 point loss per item that falls off.

circle work competition. each host buy an old ford or holden and do some BNS style circle work (point allocated of things like dust, angle and so on). chuck in a bit of ute tug of war for good measure.

Cheap shaggin wagon challenge.


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Sep 21, 2010
Albion Park NSW
I have an idea that is sort of based on previous suggestions: The Top Gear Ashes.

Basically, a cheap car challenge but with 2 teams: 1 team being the TG boys, the other team being TGA's presenters. Each respective team's car should be representative of their country and totally awful - perhaps a Rover SD1 vs VN Commodore, or maybe a clapped out mid 90s Ford Mondeo (I know it's not made in the UK, but it's still a very British car) vs ex-taxi AU Falcon. Use it as an excuse to send Jezza, Hamster and Captain Slow to Australia, it's been a long time coming. The winning team will get to set the losing team's car on fire. Put some of the ashes into an urn and there you go. The Top Gear Ashes.

Would be a bit of fun for Series 12 of TG and Series 2 of TGA.

Well we will be seeing this on Tuesday 28 September 2010, depending on where you live. Won't THAT be good?