Chat Room [IRC Channel]

The server host is down right now. This host has been super unreliable, but I haven't had a chance to move it or add a second server yet. Sorry about that. When it's back up I'll work on making things more robust.

Here's the email they sent:
Dear Customer,

We are writing to inform you that service in Netherlands is down because the upstream started migrating equipment without sufficient notice earlier today.

We contacted them and they said that it was announced, which is true, however their timeline was vague and there was no confirmed date to relay to customers.

This was seriously poor judgement on the part of our upstream and we regret the inconvenience caused. We are working tirelessly to restore service to all affected customers.

Our upstream in NL have let us down on multiple occasions and are degrading the standard of service we aim to achieve on a daily basis. As a result, we may be left with no option but to close the NL location and migrate customers away.

We will let you know once we get an update on the status of servers in the new facility.

Once again we would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding.
The server is back, and things are working. I'll get some additional servers up for redundancy this weekend.
I finished adding two additional servers. is in CA, USA is in BG is the old server in NL is now a global geo-targeted address. Folks in the US should be sent to the US server, and folks in Europe should be sent to the NL server. The BG server is acting as the hub and services host and is not currently in auto-rotation, but that may change. Feel free to connect directly to any of them, but the main address uses health checking to make sure to only include servers that are currently working.

I'll continue to improve things when possible. Let me know if you have trouble.

Enjoy the improved network!
Amazing! Thank you so much!
yeah, Zandvoort isn't connected to the rest of the network.

plz fix D:
I removed it from the network for now.
Glad to see the site is back.