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Cheap Racing

Cheap Racing

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Jan 28, 2004
Edmonton, Alberta
which cheap form of auto racing is the best to compete in?
Autocross is the cheapest of the ones listed, that's just as cheap if not cheaper than karting (especially if you race in a stock class).
One that should be listed though is rallycross (the same as autocross, but on dirt and such), that's bound to be cheap as well.

So far on auto-x I've spent:

$0 for a SCCA membership (free with the STI, usually $70 per year I think)
$20 for one event (non SCCA members pay $25).
$44.84 for a helmet (don't really need it since they have loaner helmets at the event)
$82.98 for magnetic numbers (don't need this either, white shoe polish works too, probably also at the event).
$17.99 for an accurate digital tire pressure gauge (probably could do with a cheaper one).

I'm still going to probably buy:
A portable air tank, perhaps with a compressor (again something you probably could do without).
Not anytime soon, perhaps a camera and camera mount.

So as a bare minimum, $20-$25 per event is about what you'd have needed to spend.
well, it can be done even cheaper.

i don't know you find these races everywhere, but over here there often are races on grass-land (they first make some kind of track) and then you race with wrecks, no windows, no doors, no bumpers, you just place your radiator in the back, so you can bump into the oponents. there are no real limitations (only NA-engines!), there are several classes, depending on engine size. as you can figure out, the car doesn't cost shit, the rustier it is, the better.

those things are realy fun, there are several races, and then a winner comes clear (most of the time the smartest one, the one whose car's engine still works :))

a friends neighbour used to compete is these races, but with plateaus (what they're called here). that's actually just the top of the old beatle, with an home-made chassis, an engine you find somewhere, and buggy-setup. these things do cost money! (the guy quited when someone poored sand into his air filter --> tuned supra engine ready for garbage)

a vid from 2 years ago: http://users.pandora.be/mares/nevele2002/CROSS2002.mov