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Mar 29, 2008
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I'm missing a thread about cheese here (at least I didn't find any), so I thought I'd start one for all those cheese lovers out there.

Mind you, I am not talking about pizza toppings or burger cheese here, but cheese which you enjoy eating on its own, maybe with a glas of good wine!

So... what kinds of cheese do you like and how do you like to consume them?

I make a start with what is currently my favourite cheese. May I introduce "Landana with pesto":


Yes, it's green and that is half of the fun, when you serve it to other people :D But it is delicious -- first it tastes like normal cheese, a somewhat spicy yet mild one. Then, when you chew some more, the basil flavor gets through more and more.

I like to cut it in small cubes and eat it as a snack while watching a movie.
I'm a HUGE fan of cheddar cheeses. We get this cheddar from Ireland, forget the name, holy cow is it freakin awesome. The stuff from Wisconsin is crap compared to it. Could totally go for some now..
I think cheese gives me migraines. I've avoided cheese for weeks and not had a single one. Shame because I like cheese. <_<
Good cheese is too expensive... I eat normal stuff if I'm craving cheese, which isn't even actually cheese anyway.
I love cheese, all kinds, but I specially like camembert, gorgonzola and catupiry.
mmmmmmmmmmmmm cheese!

I've taken a liking to british cheese lately, for example

Red Leicester


Double Gloucester


I always bring back some of this stuff from England whenever I go :D
show any of those to a true cheese eater, and they'll start laughing. it's just tasteless gummy

these are real cheeses

but tastes like shit if you ask me
Holy crap I love cheese. Constantly striving to conquer ever gooier and stinkier cheeses...I was at a posh hotel buffet a few weeks ago and tried one French soft cheese which completely stumped me though. I have never eaten such a strong stinky cheese. Unfortunately I didn't get the name of it so I could try it again. Otherwise I love most blue cheeses, especially stilton...yummy...

Old Amsterdam, old Gouda-style cheese, matured for a year, lots of salt-crystals in there great on sandwiches or in cubes as a snack.

Reypenaer, even older cheese, pretty flaky stuff, great as a garnish on lots of rustic dishes or as a snack.

Pecorino Romano, love it in dishes or as a snack.

Passchendale cheese or other Belgian abbey cheeses.
OMG and how could I forget Gjetost??? That stuff just freaks the hell out of me, which is why I quite enjoy it.
I can't eat cheese on its own, it has to be with something else or I think about how it's little more than curdled milk. I typically only eat american or cheddar with something like crackers or with lunch meat. When it comes to pizza I love a local chain called IMOS that makes theirs with provell.
I can't eat cheese on its own, it has to be with something else or I think about how it's little more than curdled milk. I typically only eat american or cheddar

That probably is the problem ;)
Red leicester I eat in fat cubes all the time.. Mmmmm..

I literally eat wedges of Wensleydale and Cranberry cheese though. <3 It's orgasmic, that stuff.
I don't like eating most cheeses on their own.

Generally I can only really eat it melted on buttery toast, with optional ham and tomato.

I usually use cheddar for such delicacies, but I don't mind some Calvita or Easy Singles either.:cool:
Fresh Mozzarella and melted Muenster are my favorites.

Damn, now I want to go get some Muenster.
Speaking of Mozzarella... Caprese anyone?