Chris Evans [of the UK] - three-year Top Gear deal

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I don't necessarily mind if it isn't the same as long as the quality is there. Right now that is the biggest unknown but with everything we are hearing this seems less and less likely.
I don't care it is not going to be the same, but after what I saw last night, I can't imagine it even being watchable.

He is annoying as f.

The first other tg I saw, I liked it immediately. It took a month to download because I was on dial up, but I was in no hurry. Finally got to watch it and loved the show I saw. Only downloaded it in the first place because I wanted to see the star on that show. Knew nothing about the show except it wss a car show which did not exactly thrill me. Had no idea who CHM were. Never expected I would be sitting here all these years later waiting for the next version.

The first time I saw it I must have watched it three times. It wss unbelievable. Thought I had just been extremely lucky to happen to want to watch the probably one show that wss that good. Decided to download another which is How I found this site, watched it, after taking another month to download. After I watched it, I call to get dsl because I had to see the other shows.

I just don't see the new tg add being that good.

I didn't have to get into that version, it didn't have to grow on me, it wss just immediate, I like this show.

I am doubtful it would have worked out the same if it wss the show Chris seems to want to make.

I guess what I am thinking is there is no way he is going to be able to carry the show. I am sort of with the person that said his who wouldn't allow him to have co presenters, but from reading the named people that was thought to be possible"s reason they are giving for not wanting to do the show, I wonder if they just couldn't get anyone else to work with him. I don't want to step into Jeremy's shoes, I am happy just doing my pitiful show I am doing now, I want to spend time with my family. All polite ways to say, no way in hell.

So it is going to be Chris, the Stig, and I guess a loss of special guest. I do like the fact it may give people a chance to see people they may like from time to time.

I wish I knew if CHM managed to scoop up some of my favorite crew members. Kip, Iain, Hannah, somebody else I can't remember name right now.
I don't know how is so impossible to understand...

- ex - Top Gear that you love, will be on Amazon Prime
- Top Gear will be different, another car show ( don't love it, don't watch it)

Still two different new car shows, what is the problem?

Remember your god, Clarkson fucked this up.
Iain may have stuck with Top Gear. He sent a Tweet a couple weeks ago "Back at the Track #tracking car #filming #topgear"
I'm also betting they will move it to BBC1. That would be a good reason for changing the day so it doesn't go up against dancing and singing shows or really popular dramas.
Thursday for the BBC's biggest monitary success? :blink: Friday, the weekend or bust.
Pretty much a sign that they all know it's going to be quite a few notches lower. I'm not a petty man but I can't wait to see Evans fail because I just don't like the guy, I might enjoy a new and improved vision of TG but not with him. Perhaps I AM a petty man.

Chris says some bullshit about Top Gear's new format being a one man show nothing.
Half way through the article I started to feel dizzy like I did that one time I listened to his radio show and he was playing with the volume that made me want to punch him right in the face.

One of the better elements of the old show where the races, if an Evans show is just him, will he race himself, TG stopped being a real car show years ago, it was a piece of entertainment, if you want a car show then you get something like fifth gear (interesting but not that popular). In old topgear the hosts played of each other and pretty obviously (beyond the digs at each other in the show) where and are good mates. (That May and Hammond left solidly confirms that as this had a marked affect on their own careers) In three hosts it didn't matter so much if one was disliked by a portion of the audience as Clarkson proved constantly. Each host had an appeal to a different audience type, most of that audience knew it was all staged but it was fun to watch.
It was the split up of hosts that made the show work, if it's just Chris Evans then he may indeed have a UK fan base, but can that carry a show with the fan base of a TG global audience, I doubt it very much. People who don't like Evans will not watch a large portion of the old TG fan base won't watch, I doubt Evans will need a 3 year contract.
If I where to guess, I think we will see one season that will rate nothing like old TG and then the BBC will either can TG or try to get the original hosts back, given the amount of money TG makes (or made) the BBC.
I predict a fifth gear size following.

I just don't think the guy is likable. At least no where near as much as the other three, and let's be honest, that is the reason tg wss so successful.

Yeah they did fun stuff, but how many times have people said things like, I would watch those three read a phone book. I am pretty much the same. Even when I did not like what they were doing, I still watched, because THEY were fun to watch.
You might not think he's likeable, but plenty of people do like him. You don't become the success he is without some followers.

Can anyone explain why people like him? Honest question cause I don't see it.
Can anyone explain why people like him? Honest question cause I don't see it.


Can you explain the massive success of X Factor in its prime or Strictly? As they said in Ancient Rome "give them bread and circuses".
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I've made a new section for this new version of Top Gear. From now on, let's not be afraid to make separate threads for things instead of stuffing them all into this thread. :)
I think we will see one season that will rate nothing like old TG and then the BBC will either can TG or try to get the original hosts back, given the amount of money TG makes (or made) the BBC.
Not to mention that both new shows were signed for three years, and both are going to start within I am guessing six months of each other, but, and this just a guess, I dont think "going back" is ever gonna happen for the trio. Now, I can see Hammond and May returning if/when that time comes when Clarkson hangs up his keys , then maybe I could see them returning to TG, but of course, money, can trump everything I just said.

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I wonder , if in some way, the new format and direction TG is going with the reboot has anything to do with the trio's new show? even though the shows are not competing on terrestrial broadcasting stations, I would think the BBC knows that are not going to be able to compete with it.
Thursday for the BBC's biggest monitary success? :blink: Friday, the weekend or bust.

Hmm...I had always thought Friday's were bad for TV, as people like to go out on Fridays. Friends and Seinfeld were on Thusdays...of was Thursday good because of those shows?
It used to be that the biggest, most popular shows were reserved for Friday and Saturday evenings but viewing habits have changed so radically that is no longer the case really. Thursday, BBC1 at 8pm will be an ideal slot for the show; it will trounce anything on other channels and probably attract a whole new audience, particularly people who probably didn't watch the show before because of Clarkson.
The slot is in fact still on Sunday. Evans stated the recording date as opposed to the air date.
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