Chris Evans quits the show

If it were just some regular guy doing that nobody would bat an eyelid. It only made the press because of who he is. Most of us have been caught short at some point during a car journey. It's not evidence of anything and if he gets tried for sex offences the jury would be told to disregard it.
While I agree that taking a whiz by the side of the road isn't a big deal and not worth the fuss, my issue is more to do with Chris Evans and the allegations against him. I would have thought he would have wanted to be more discreet about it, given the accusations of his tendency to expose himself.
Chris Evans thinks himself a cool, popular, 29 year old.

But reality does not agree with Chris, and so he finds himself alone at a pub reading self-help books.
This should have been the trailer to one of the episodes of new Top Gear.
With the title saying something like "How to be Cool By Jeremy Clarkson."
Well, the way they awkwardly tried to prevent mentioning the "old" crew (despite blatantly imitating them), it could have only ended in more awkwardness.

Let's be glad they didn't try for a tribute or something similarly embarrassing.
Changing the way people watch television, by making them not watch it anymore. In his own way he is a genius.