Christmas food!

There is only 1 staple at Christmas dinner for my family: blueberry salad. I don't know why we call it salad when it's clearly dessert: minced blueberries and pineapple in grape Jello plus some other mystery ingredient that keeps it from gelling together, topped with a cream cheese/whipped cream icing. It's cavity-inducing just to think about.

Everything else is up for grabs, but there's usually a ham and something potato-based.
At my house we will be having:

1x bottle of Stolichnaya Gold
2x bottle of Bailey's
1x 5litre mini-keg of of low-quality imported beer
1x bottle of Courvoisier v.s.o.p
5x mini bottles of Absolut (pears, citron, raspberri, vanilia, apeach)
1x bottle of Cinzano rose
1x bottle of Jagermeister
1x bottle of tawny port
6x bottle of various white wine
3x bottle of various red wine

We also have lots of ice, water, coke and other various soft drinks and mixers.

I also have a pack of Benson & Hedges and a Cohiba siglo II for the smoking.

As for the food? Ah, who cares. I'll let the suckers have their turkey & ham.... Personally, I'm going to order-in some Pizza Hut the night before and then put it in my little bar fridge. I'll re-heat it on Christmas day and I'll have it for dinner instead of all that other, more traditional food that I don't like.
The last few years I've done prime rib and crab legs for the Winter solstice dinner, a corresponding increase in attendance has been observed.
This year will be the first year I will be allowed to partake in the female family tradition of punch with Moet. Hellz yeah......

We are having Christmas dinner (well lunch, but still) this Suday this year with my mum's side of the family, because my aunt, uncle and cousins leave for Hawaii (holidays) on the 24th. WE will be having a "hot" dinner, namely roast lamb, pork and chicken with vegetables and the like, cauliflower cheese bake (one of my personal favourites :D) and some salads. Thinking I will make some gingerbread cookies for dessert, using the recipe above today to go with it. Not sure though, have some other stuff to do and I am babysitting tomorrow (albeit at home, but she's an adorable 2-month old whom I cannot leave alone).

On the 20th is Christmas lunch with my dad's side of the family- that is normally a "cold" lunch, with ham, chilled roast pork and chicken, lots of salads, etc. Oh, and a lot of alcohol. Again, this will be the first time I will be allowed near it, and I have been promised a shot of my nan's famous mint liquer. You know the green stuff they drink at the start of Moulin Rouge? Yeah, apparently it's a lot like that, and not just in the colour. :lol:

Actual Christmas day looks quiet though, will probably be leftovers. Not too worried though, I normally gorge on chocolate anyway :D
Note to self: crash cmb1981's house for dinner. Or MacGuffin's. Or Adunaphel's. Or melbournian's.

No clue what we're having for dinner here. Family will probably want turkey or ham, I won't, and I'll be the odd one out again.

I think I'll start dropping "I want steak" hints all over the place 'til the 25th...
Well, since I don't want to post a take out box from great wall again, I'll share my holiday foods of the season. Since Hannukkah (aka: Jewish Present Holiday, aka: not really an important holiday minus the presents) starts tonight, I'm gonna show you what we do for that holiday.

The whole premise of the thing is that the Syrian-Greeks attacked the temple in Jerusalem and sacked it and put up idols and stuff. When the ancient Jews drove them out, they only had enough sanctified oil to keep the everlasting light burning for one day (because presumably, the syrians really hated sanctified olive oil), but it burned for eight days, which was the time required to make and bless more. As a result, we eat fried foods to celebrate the oil. Since Christmas became so commercialized, Jews have sort of created a tradition of giving Hannukkah presents to each other so we don't feel left out when compared to the non-Jewish Kids.

So, depending on who you ask, the fried food of choice is either the Latke or the Sufganiyot. The latke is a shredded potato and onion pancake semi-deep fried in oil and served plain or with apple sauce or sour cream. The sufganiyot is a jelly doughnut (usually raspberry or strawberry, although variations exist with stuff as crazy as dulce de leche), that's deep fried and served with powdered sugar on top. If you're intrigued and want recipes, PM me.
I want to see tasty Jewish jelly donut pictures. :) Those sound delicious.
One of the traditions in my family on Christmas morning is to make blueberry muffins with scrambled eggs and diced ham mixed in. We've done it for as long as I can remember.
Well, I started work on the christmas dinner for the 26th today. The menu will be as follows:

starter: Broccoli and cream cheese soup

main course: Either duck breast with whiskey apricot sauce or wild boar steak with raspberry chutney
sides: brussels sprouts with apple; green beans with cashew nuts; potato gratin; grilled potato wedges with thyme

dessert: pears cooked in port wine with either a selection of cheeses or cinnamon ice cream.

Did the chutney and the pears today, very pleased with the result so far.
Will be making Peking Duck tomorrow for the first time, so it could be a great success, or an unmitigated disaster. Pics to follow.
I'll be cooking pheasant I killed with my own bare hands*.

* I held the shotgun with my bare hands
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I cooked pork belly today and it was so tender that you couldve eaten it with a spoon.
Right - Turkey crown, sausage meat surrounded by bacon, veg of various sorts carrots, spuds (Roast potatos), peas,mash spuds, brocolli main meal - not sure for pudding plus cheese board - lots of different cheeses, buiscuits and som (NZ in my case) butter.

Several bottles of wine, some Brakspears beer and some lager.
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