Christmas food!

I had gumbo today! :D

We're having turkey tomorrow, so...ew. I hate the usual holiday food. So, it looks like my dinner will consist of devilled eggs and usual. (But: w00t, chocolate cream!)
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Hmm... gumbo sounds nice. Anyone got a homey recipe like Serj's Chili?
On the menu today: pinnekj?tt.

It's basically preserved/dried lamb or mutton, soaked in water over night, and then simmered or steamed untill falling off the bone. I've had it once before and I didn't like it. To give you an idea about how it smells, then imagine someone shooting a lamb, leaving it for 3 weeks in the wild, then taking it back to preserve it and then cook it. It smells RANK.
Fuck me sideways, that was delicious...

Didn't take that many pics as I was too busy cooking. I'll post the recipe later if anyone's interested. And no, there's no cheese on top, just the Bolognese and Bechamel sauces. All the cheese is inside.
Slovenianised version, which is more similar to Lasagna than Pastitsio.
I have a turducken in the oven. Granted, it's Boxing Day ... but I was out eating everyone else's food yesterday, so there was no time for turducken then. Should be ready in about 3 hours or so.

Will let you know how it goes.
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Applesauce cake! We eat it for breakfast, dessert, or a snack. It really is more of a bread than cake... but who cares, it is awesome and we only make it at Christmas time.
We had a buffet again this year. Almost everything was home-cooked and prepared by the family, there was no catering! Even the bread was home-baked.









The apple pie was served warm, with vanilla ice cream. There were some more desserts but I forgot to take pics


Some things never get old :)
Salads and Vitel Thone, Turkey with ham and bacon for main course, and the usual stuff for dessert (nougat candy, pastries and champagne)

Wow, McGuffin!

It looks like you were at our house this year! My mother, who lives with me now, always go all out for the Holidays.

We're still eating ham, turkey and tons of leftovers....and will be for the rest of the week.
My favorite christmas dessert ... baked apple. Take an Apple and fill it (in our case with Marzipan and Almonds) and roast it in the oven.


Then serve with hot vanilla-sauce ...




Maybe it doesn?t look that fantastic ... but trust me ... it tastes fantastic ...
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Lately I've completely lost my sweet tooth. Even for dessert, I prefer savoury things to sweet. :/
Savoury > sweet

I think I came up with an epic recipe for turkey this year. What I did:

1) Remove all the legs and wings from the turkey
2) Carefully remove the breasts from the underside so they're still attached to the skin, ending up with a big piece with 2 breasts and skin underneath
3) Make a spice mix out of grounded down star anise, cloves, cinnamon, chicken stock cubes, paprika and pepper
4) Mix the spice mix with oil and rub into the flesh
5) Lie down a big area of cling film on your working bench so you're sure it will cover all the meat
6) Put strips of bacon on the cling film so it covers a big area and put the turkey on top of it
7) Roll the whole thing together (remember to season each layer) into a big sausage, put tin foil outside of that again and make sure it's tightly rolled
8) Leave in fridge over night
9) Roast in the oven at 200c untill the core temperature reaches 60c and rest for 45 minutes
10) Carve into nice slices and enjoy

Delicious. Best turkey I've ever made.

Oh, I also found out that leftover christmas ham is very good for spag bol/ragu if you chop it up very finely and fry it hard.
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Hey Ice, will you please post that lasagna recipe.