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Clarkson about the Stig


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May 29, 2004
I thought it would be nice to post all the different ways Jeremy presents The Stig...I always laugh my ass of when he comes with something stupid :D

Fire up the Stig!
Madame et Monsieur, dans le pleu, Le Stig!
blabla someting in Swedish....Stig?s!
Def-Con Stig.
Stiggyzimo (or something like that)

and BTW it's monsieur not monieur... and I have no clue what Clarkson meant with the last part (dans le pleu)
pluie :wink:

shit he really meant pluie? talk about an awful accent! :shock: I couldn't understand what he meant at all!

so it would be: Madame et Monsieur, dans la pluie, Le Stig!

Clarkson got owned by french grammar :lol:
Madame et Monsieur, dans la pluie, Le Stig!

i would guess that dans la pluie, sounding somewhat familiar in my second language, spanish, would mean a round of appluase or give ur hands to etc. so he said, "ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for the stig!"

:wink: :wink:
I have seen the episode again, it is the Renault Clio V6, and the Stig is testing it on a very wet track:
the actual word are: Madame et monieur, Bienvenue dans le pluie (sounds more like pleur) Les Stig!
But I know for sure that it means wet or rain...whatever it's spelled :D

And found a couple more...
Unfill the Stig!
Wooshi wooshi stig san!
Engage Stig-drive!
Yes la pluie means the rain. and you still spelt Monsieur wrong :p

yeah it doesn't sound like dans la pluie.. Brits :roll:
latest one i think is "bring on Stigy Bird " in reference to legendary cricket umpire Harold "dickie" Bird :D

and Hammond 's " Shnell Shnell Stigbachker" or something
Erm its mooshi mooshi stig SAM.

+ I found one more
Colonel Fothorington (sp?) Digby Stigby
i also think it is funny... for the first year, by now it get's kinda annoying imo
Renesis said:
Clarkson got owned by french grammar :lol:

By German grammar too! :lol:

Once he said:
"Bitte willkommen sie, das Stig!"

That's soo wrong, seems like they just took every single english word and translated it. :wink:
Of course the words used are not wrong, but in this context/phrase you would use other words. For example "Willkommen" means "welcome" but in German it can't be used as a verb. He also got the article wrong, as you know we have more than one.

The correct form would be:
"Bitte begr?ssen sie, den Stig!"

zyran said:
Erm its mooshi mooshi stig SAM.

+ I found one more
Colonel Fothorington (sp?) Digby Stigby

Sam?? I thought ity was Stig-san, in English you say mister and in japanes you say "name"-san....but i could be wrong...