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Clarkson books

I have been reading The world according to clarkson. Fantastic Really funny. basicly its all of his articles from the times news paper. Well worth a read
motorworld is a good read, but short, WATC is good as well. Born to be riled is the best compendium, older, but more car orientated.
MarcoM said:
jensked said:
I guess you can buy them on www.amazon.com

Yeaaahhh, well I was thinking pdf or scans... ;)

If "The world according to Clarkson" is basically his Times articles, it might be a good read... :)
Come on a book doesnt cost more...in econoic value at least... Amazon normally delievery until 15:00 the next day, or even quicker...British books dont top the 25 pound mark... normally.... I paid ?60+ for some of my study books and they wereny worth that much to me... Come on there isnt a chance that anyone will be able to scan a book quicker than Amazon will deliever it.... time is the valuable factor in our world right? ;)
ive read WATC, Motorworld, and On Cars - bought them all at bookshops in NZ

they were all a good read
Should have had a better thread #10000...
I have 'I Know You Got Sole' which I got about a year ago, basically about machines with 'sole' like Concorde, the Spitfire, Rolls Royce, Riva boat etc
I very good read, infact I just stared it again last week
Amazon gave me a shipping date of 3-4 weeks. I guess they ship it from the UK. I also check with the local bookstores in the States but had nothing on file for a "Jeremy Clarkson."
I have "I Know You Got Soul" and "Motorworld". Also have Hamster's book "What Not to Buy". :) I think the next one I'd like to get is "Born to be Riled."

Here are some thoughts on them:

"I Know You Got Soul" - A bit hit-and-miss for me. All of the things he picked were interesting, but some were a bit boring. Still continues the trend of "if it wasn't built by a Brit, it's good, but could have been SO much better if it was British" thing, which I find quite tiresome. I do like that he added fantasy elements, like the Millenium Falcon. Overall, a decent read, but didn't hold my interest 100% of the way through.

"Motorwold" - A nice companion to the series, with some extra stories not mentioned on TV, but considering how huge an adventure he had, the book could have been much, much bigger. I would say a good 85% of what's in the book you'd already know if you watched the shows, so there isn't a whole lot of new information to be found, sadly.

"What Not to Buy" - Pure comedy. A really fun book explaining Richard's view of how the cool wall should work, in a sense. There's a lot of variety in it, which is nice, and some great pictures. Again, it could be longer, but it's not exactly a coffee table book in the first place. It's a fun book that I think even a non-car lover would also appreciate.