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Clarkson in Iraq Videos.

Manic Moran

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Jun 23, 2005
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Now that it seems that drag-racing Abrams is a sanctioned activity, I don't feel so bad about having done it. Took him a while to get the knack of the brakes though.

His monologue in the Range Rover was interesting. Nice to see he appreciates what the guys go through.

I liked the soldier's Jaguar reference. Very astute, that guy.

Edit: If he had said "Austin Allegro", then he should have deserved a promotion! ;)
Even Shiites are Top Gear fans!!!! Are Suniis Fifth Gear fans? :D
KryptonZone said:
Francie is quite... Weird...

"If he starts to go a bit blue, shoot him," she said. [this is what Jezza's wife tells his companion on the Iraq trip to do if JC starts to get a heart attack]

Yes, but to put the remark in context, Francie would only have received the life insurance in the event of Jeremy's death... :lol:
Wait, what is he doing in Iraq? I watched the videos, still don't get it. And why is there a Range Rover?
Just read the article (and A.A. Gill's too), laughed a lot whe he started goiing on about his War Pod. :)