Clarkson mentions coming to India for christmas special

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(found these from reddit)
Thank you so much! Sorry for replying so much in this thread, but I'm just excited for the new series as usual :)
That's a fantastic looking Mini. Great report, Mr. Carburetor.

Edit - just found this:

Several years ago, I saw someone trying to parallel park their car while blaring very similar music as to what's in that video. After what seemed like 15 minutes of trying and not getting the car into the spot, the guy drove away with the music still at ear-bleeding volume. It was very funny to watch.
The pics look great thanks for sharing.
You mean the Hindustan Ambassador, Which was/is a basically a rebadged Morris Oxford. Some of them came with a BMC B series diesel engine which only had about 35bhp, They later switched to a 2000cc Izuzu diesel, Which was still underpowered(50bhp). The best Ambassador would be the 1800cc Izuzu petrol engined version, Which has 75bhp!

The other british car that was popular here was the Triumph/Standard Herald, But they are quite rare now.

Thankyou for that :) it has gone straight into my pointless but interesting brain server of knowledge
Looks like Tiffin Tins on the mini. Meals on wheels challenge?
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