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Clarkson on motorbike madness

but it's hard to be scared of a man whose feet don't touch the ground when he's on his Yamuki Davidson.

And if they were to chase me on foot I'd get away, because it's hard to run when you're encased in leather. That's why cows are so slow.
That's a hilarious article, I love the way he writes.

He indicates with his arms, wears Kenneth Moore goggles and refuses to deviate from a perfectly perpendicular riding position. It's almost as though he thinks he has an imaginary sidecar alongside.

well he referred to James as "good ol affable" so presumaly hes not so pissed from that go kart incident.

I don't care if they go to the woods every night and drink one another's blood; they can sacrifice as many goats as takes their collective fancy. But what they're being at the moment, with their loud exhaust pipes is annoying. And that's not cool at all.
And it's hard to conceive any situation that would make James scary. Even if he leapt out of a forest on a dark night, brandishing a blood spattered axe and going "grrrrrrrrr", he'd still be good, old affable James.
I don't even get cross when people use their mobile phones on the train. Usually because I'm miles away, in a car.


The idea that the world should spend more averting climate control, over which we may - or may not - have any control, than we spend providing drinking water for the starving and diseased of Africa. That kind of thing really pisses me off.

He has a point.