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Clarkson Reviews the Bugatti Veyron


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Jul 17, 2005
"Verdict: Deserves 12 stars. Simply as good ? and as fast ? as it gets"

Clarkson loves the sheer lunacy of the thing.

WHAT a review! Yeh words cannot describe...can't wait til the TG review of it though :D
lol i like this quote regarding going 200mph:
"Happily, stopping distances become irrelevant because you won?t see the obstacle in the first place. By the time you know it was there, you?ll have gone through the windscreen, through the Pearly Gates and be half way across God?s breakfast table."
Absolutely awesome. I didn't think JC would take it anywhere close to 240. They'd damn well better show that on TG. Screw what the hippies say.

I've always agreed with his general summary; it's awesome in that it's just the extreme, the pinnacle and the epitome of everything supercars strive for. Okay, you'd have more fun putting a ?10k MX-5 around a track, or more comfortable crossing europe in a Bentley or doing the shopping in a Golf, but.. This car is biblical and at the same time utterly, awesomely unholy.

Reading all these reviews, i want to experience it so badly.
I can't wait till its on top gear.

And, before, even after hearing the insane numbers and all i thought, oh just another car with a big engine.

It took this little article to finaly understand what the car is actually all about, i understand, and i'm blown away.

Second question is why? , nah, its better not to ask why somethings happen :)
There's an article about Bugatti Veyron in Nov <car and driver> magazine.
You can get a PDF copy of the magazine through Emule download.
nooooooooooooooo, the times has set up a subscription service!!! I can't read it :cry:

EDIT: Nope *sighs with relief* clicked the wrong link..

Honestly, after reading that, I can't believe the amount of people on this board who are so ready to knock the Veyron and say the Macca or the Enzo are better. I'm baffled.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :thumbsup:

"In other words, the door mirrors were generating downforce. That gives you an idea of how much of a bastard the air can be at this speed."

hehehe, that's awesome.
This is probably the only Clarkson article that sets off on topic!

Since Jezza is driving it around, we shall be seeing it soon on a TG episode!
Can't wait for this crazy car!
I am so much looking forward to see it on Top Gear. It looked just fantastic in the small clips from the first episode. And its such a great engineering example, sometimes i doubted they'll ever finish it, but they did. And thats really worth a whole lot of respect. And i think that is what makes Clarkson love a car he is supposed to hate.
Awesome.. and yeah, they better show Clarkson speeding like that on the French roads! Chances are he'll be banned from driving there ever again :lol: (not based on facts, but I can imagine it could have such consequences).
Can't wait for that episode!!
Arent they driving through Germany again? If that is the case i guess thats where he did his top speed attempts
Un-Dee said:
Arent they driving through Germany again? If that is the case i guess thats where he did his top speed attempts
I don't think they are actually. I think the easiest route for Jeremy to take is:
Italy > Switzerland > France > Great Britain

Anywho, great review! I've got Jeremy's Times Online section bookmarked :D
Lusitano said:
bihus said:
hajj said:
Just look at the usual places ;) It really isnt that hard. You could even go and buy the Sunday Times.
Here you go http://driving.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,12529-1890873,00.html

It's really hard to get the Sunday Times here in Nogueira do Cravo. :p

Or in Newark, New Jersey. :)

There are enoug British living in Portugal, so you will find it somewhere, just go to a more touristic region ;)
And for Newark, well I am sure they have some at the Airport, although I cant really remember