Clarkson: TG "Pan European" Race Begins Tonight!


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Jun 25, 2011
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I know there is a dedicated Twitter thread, but this is a biggie and deserves it's own thread. Jeremy just tweeted this...

Tonight, when you are asleep, a pan European Top Gear race begins. Me in a car. Hammond and May on public transport. Wish them bad luck.

And Hammond...

@MrJamesMay what in God's name are you rambling about? Please tell me you haven't been drinking: We're racing tomorrow. #StuckWithDrunkenMay

And more...

And to be clear, our races are not fixed. We start at 3.30 am. No-one knows who'll win. But this time, the odds are stacked in their favour
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We should take bets on the type of car. :p

It won't be the new 911, it won't be a hyper-exotic like the Agera or Huayra... not sure what it will be, though. Could be the F12. Top Gear recently drove it.
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I love a TG race, not least because you get to see James and Richard have awkward public transport conversations. :lol:
Update... Tweets from the general public.

Saw Jeremy Clarkson in an old school Merc on the M1 on the way to work today.

Average drive to work at 4:45am. Until I cruised past two land rovers, a camera crew on one and Jeremy Clarkson driving some sweet car.

Surreal. Who's sat next to me in the Eurostar waiting room? Richard Hammond, James May and a Top Gear film crew.

Richard Hammond and James May filming on concourse of Gare du Nord. So where's Clarkson?
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Awesome! :thumbsup:

What was the last one they did? The one in Japan? That was over 4 years ago. About time for another I think. :D
Clarkson's last tweet, at about 3.30 am:

I'm up. In a cab to the start line. Very tired. Seems little point since everyone thinks the race outcome is already fixed.

I dunno, but I think Clarkson's becoming just a tad whiney in his old age. His last TG Magazine piece was whiney as well.

Oh well, perhaps tanking a (possibly) Merc across Europe for no good reason whatsoever will cheer him up.
I'm sure it will be entertaining and a whole lot of fun, but why are they racing across Europe this time? Just for laughs?
Hammond has mentioned they were at Milan airport this morning. Don't think he meant to
I kinda read Hammond's tweet as the baggage handler who crashed into their plane in Milan, which could mean they were on a fuel stop in Milan, heading to Rome?

Or could be as narf said. Milan is very close to Monza.
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