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Clarkson withdrawal ?


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May 20, 2004
Barcelona, Spain
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Just in case any of you have withdrawal symptoms after you've downloaded and watched the latest Top Gear...

I found this.


There are pieces on some of the cars in top gear and some that aren't.

Just as a side note, Clarkson must be a clever guy... I reckon he gets paid at least 3 times for every car he reviews.

Once for Top Gear, once for the Shootout videos & DVDs and once by the Times. I think he also writes a column in The Sun too.
i always taught jeremy was a guy working for tv and lucky enough to be asked to present top gear. turns out he actually is a professional journalist, who just happens to love cars. he's not dumb at all!
Synaethesia said:
love the bit when hes says about the guy responsible may have been shot, made me kakkle (DB9 article)

That whole piece had my sides aching, the bit that got me was the "Wankwish" :lol: