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Apr 13, 2010
Harlow, England
Hi people I was just wondering about this program, does anybody have them ?

I have managed to get every episode of all of his other programmes but nowhere are episode 5 & 6 of extreme machines .

i had noticed dave were showing them again this week.

so possible for someone to up them or something, or maybe someone has them somewhere?

anyways let me know if you have any info

all the best,

Same here.

Got 1-4 and have been looking for 5&6 for over two years now. No rips exist (yet) afaik.
lol weird isnt it :/

if i had the appropriate hardware i would of ripped it but i dont as of yet so...

its been on dave loads of times lately surprised no one else has wanted it :p
lol weird isnt it :/

if i had the appropriate hardware i would of ripped it but i dont as of yet so...

its been on dave loads of times lately surprised no one else has wanted it :p

I'd rip them myself but Dave is not available here :'(
Quiky and TechZ have it on their FTPs.
Some kind of new compilation with roughly stuff from Episode 1-4 (and a few min extra (battleship and weird elephant), but still not complete)

Quote from IMDB (which also clearly states 6 episodes aired instead of the 4 you can find everywhere)...
"Watching a Frence fanatic starting up a 1/10 SCALE FERRARI with a miniature 12 cylinder boxer engine is fabulous, the sound is amazing."

That's in nothing (including the new compilation) you can find and it was in episode 5 or 6. Is the "IcE" and "Nosegment" on the FTP's the first of two Dave compilation episodes? (Downloaded both to check what's in them but they're identical) Just wondering as there's no way to tune into Dave over the pond here...
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I'm not sure. I just know they're there.
I'm not sure. I just know they're there.

All there is is the recut compilation (that you can buy on dvd or vcr) that condenses 6 20+min episodes into just over an hour. (and a "old quality" mpg that is actually episode 4)

The compilation has a few extra's over the old 1-4 episodes that used to be available on the ftps (I got them from Tweeke's FTP myself, like 4 years ago) but also misses stuff that was in those 4 (no train part, no hovercraft, no italian boat, no hotel made entirely out of ice, no offshore powerboats, no space shuttle, no super tanker etc...) and most of the stuff is shortened a bit, dialogue cut out etc.

What him and I are after is episode 5 and 6 as they aired 12 years ago. And no the ftps don't have those. I must've checked like 30-40 times over the last few years. And double and triple checked after you stated they're on there.

Basically if all 6 of them aired again on dave like 12 years ago that was the only chance to get them. (And since we're more than a month later by now I'm fearing the chance has passed us again.)

quote from Amazon where you can buy the VCR and DVD "Extreme Machines" video.

"Jeremy Clarkson ventures a little further from the beaten track in this video (a condensed version of the Extreme Machines series) and investigates the Apache gunship, drives jet boats, looks (longingly) at a Swedish Stealth Battleship, rides snowmobiles, has a go at P-51 Mustang racing and gets to fly an F-16."
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If anyone is in Australia, this series airs occasionally on BBC Knowledge (ch 612). And yes, that's all 6 eps. I'd upload them if I could, but I just don't have the bandwidth (and my rips are crap).
A spark of hope o_O

Ozzies help us plz ;)

I would've bought the series already if I could but only the shortened compilation is buyable
Damnit it seems like we missed it again...

Published: 7 March 2011
Jeremy Clarkson?s Extreme Machines premieres on Wednesday, 16 March with a double bill at 21:30 and 22:00 on BBC Knowledge (DStv channel 251). Driving at 300 kilometres per hour in a Lamborghini might be hair-raising for some people, but when Jeremy Clarkson needs excitement, he has to take extreme measures.


Ozzy BBC aired them again it seems and once again nobody bothered to record them >< aaaaaargh

I want to see EP 5&6 :cry:
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