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Clarkson's Weekly Column


Oct 4, 2004
Clarkson's House
Most of you forum-goers already know about Clarkson's colum: http://driving.timesonline.co.uk/section/0,,12529,00.html

I just had to point out a couple of quotes from the latest one:

This is why Australians are all such chippy bastards. Because every single one of them is descended from someone who, at some point, made a complete and utter hash of their entire life. This means they all have a failure gene in their make-up.

For instance, if you nod off while driving down the motorway, sensors under the front bumper will detect the moment when you stray into another lane and set off a vibrator in the seat to wake you up. My wife liked this feature so much she drove all the way to London last week on the hard shoulder.

Priceless quote for sure. :lol:
I JUST LOOOOOVE Clarkson, he always seems to make the perfect comments... :D