Classic Car Show @ NEC

That's the least we could do, otherwise who would shoot those awesome cars for us next time around :wink:
really it doesn't take too much to please me! hehe!
tell ur gf she's lucky :)
haha! Knew some1 would say sth like that :p

If anyone wants any pics resizing, just let me know btw (it's so easy to batch process with ACDSee).

Here's the Lancia Barchetta:



We got chatting to the owner of this car, as we wanted to know where on earth the roof and/or windscreen was (there isn't one btw) and he says there have only been 3 made!!! Apparently, the other two are in Germany, probably making good use of them autobahns :)

Also, just because it was a Classic Car Show doesn't mean that all the cars were old, as you can probably tell if you've had a good browse through.
yeah saw a new mustang and viper and ferraris of course :)
Only 3 !? 3!? why, I mean how, 3?
Yea, he rarely drives this one though, he also said that it's the only one that hasn't been modified from it's original factory state. He wanted to put it in his front room, but he says his wife won't let him, poor guy! ;)
divorce the bitch :p
Well you've got to reach a certain level of wealthiness to afford such an exclusive car one would imagine.
Hmmm, now that's a car made for! :?

I mean, in every way its hidious! :|
Overheat said:
:eek: - I totally disagree, I think it's an absolute gem and it's rarity only increases its appeal.
Whatever, If Im the owner, you can trade for just an M5 or RS4! :lol: